World Homelessness Day - Sunday 11th October

Hope into Action Black Country – Homeless Campaign

Hope into Action

A guest Blog by Jeremy Watson, Enterprise Homes Group

A guest Blog by Jeremy Watson, Enterprise Homes Group

Hope Into Action Black Country is a local homeless charity partnering with churches to provide homes for the homeless. Currently they have seven homes in the Wolverhampton area. A local donation enabled them to install internet access in one of their houses. It was transformational.

Recovery groups are now online, mental health assessments and appointments are online. Universal Credit is online, even job interviews are being conducted online. Support groups, college lessons, treatments and job opportunities have become virtual. In the one property with internet access, tenants joined online community groups, weekly zoom drop-ins were attended, as were virtual coffee mornings, mental health assessments and appointments, Universal Credit online journals were all kept up to date, art classes were attended, a computer coding programme attended, and there was a successful virtual interview for a job. Tenants were also able to video-call friends and family.

Tenants from Hope into Action Black Country are being empowered to move on into their own accommodation and start new lives. They now want to install the internet in all their properties.

Donate direct at https://www.give.net/HiABlackCountry/oneoff or for further information please visit their website at https://blackcountry.hopeintoaction.org.uk/.


Hope Into Action Black Country is a local franchise of the national charity Hope Into Action. It is now an operating division of the Enterprise Homes Group in Wolverhampton which enables those who are excluded, particularly through homelessness, to start new lives. The Group’s vision is to make homelessness history.