Cultures of Walsall is a project part-funded by Near Neighbours, Walsall For All and Walsall Housing Group which aims to celebrate the Borough’s amazing diversity of communities. It builds on Caldmore Village Festival - the Borough’s first regular multicultural festival which was founded in 2011.

Shaz Akhtar Black Country Near Neighbours Coordinator

News update by Shaz Akhtar - TCT's Black Country Near Neighbours Coordinator

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The project was launched with an event in Caldmore Community Garden on Saturday 28th September 2019 called ‘Taste the Cultures of Walsall’. Attended by over 500 people from all walks of life and from across the Borough, the event brought together no fewer than 14 of the national and ethnic communities of Walsall and gave them the opportunity to showcase what is peculiar about their culture. There was a chance to try on different national dress, to taste foods from all over the world and to meet and talk with people from diverse backgrounds. There was amazing music from two topflight bands, the Birmingham based Kurdish Group and Bristol based Bhangra group. And it all took place in the wonderful oasis of Caldmore Community Garden, a local green space and café supported by volunteers.

Anna Webster (Manager of Caldmore Community Garden) said ‘’The idea of the project was a simple one, and comes from the fact that although we have a rich diversity of cultures in Walsall, the spaces and opportunities to meet, understand and celebrate each other’s background and culture are very limited’’.

The project continues with a number of interactive arts workshops and cultural meetings and community get- togethers, with the aim to bring diverse groups together and give people experience of cultures that may be new to them, but which are fundamental part of the rich cultural fabric of Walsall.

The project will culminate in Palfrey Park on 30th May 2020 with a major festival, The Cultures of Walsall Festival, involving food, music, art and carnival, a great celebration of the diverse communities that make this area so distinctive and vibrant.

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