Holiday food

Walsall Council: Delivery of Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) programme in Walsall

On 8 November, the government announced the significant expansion of it’s tried and tested Holiday Activities and Food programme. This programme has provided healthy food and enriching activities during the summer holidays to children who receive benefits-related free school meals. It offers valuable support to families on lower incomes, giving them the opportunity to access rewarding and active activities alongside healthy meals over the school holidays.

Government announced that the programme is expanding to reach all local authority areas over the Easter, summer and Christmas holidays in 2021.

As a result Walsall will be receiving an investment of £ 1,799,290 to develop and coordinate;

 A Activity and Food programme to all children ( 5 - 16 years ) entitled to Free School Meals in the local authority

 A programme that is inclusive and accessible provision (e.g. SEND, young carers, etc)

 The offer will need to consist of least 4 hours for 4 days a week per child. For 4 weeks in the summer, and for one week in Easter and Christmas.

We are keen to work with a wide range of Walsall partners to maximise resources and opportunities in the development of a Walsall HAF programme through publicising what’s already on offer, upscale provision where needed and develop new provision where gaps have been identified.

If you are interested to be part of the programme delivery in Walsall then we would like you to complete the online Expression of Interest Form using following link ; j0K6MISyShrZlBq1LeH4M69JuwC0E9LlkN9URFFSSDhFTEg4UU5QNFJCQ1Y4T1EzU0lZS i4u

Please submit your Expression of Interest no later than Friday 5th February 2021.

We will be holding a Question and Answer session for providers on Wednesday 27 January 2021 at 13:00 - 14:00, please book on via; questions-and-answer-session-tickets-137202064067

Once you have completed this form, we will contact you to set out the next steps, which will include details of activities, funding and evaluation process in preparation for Easter.

We are looking forward to working with all local partners and stakeholders as we prepare for the delivery of this programme from Easter 2021.

Further information about the National programme is available through following link: programme/holiday-activities-and-food-programme-2021

If you have any queries please contact