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Modern Slavery

UPDATE - #unlockthedoors campaign

TCT staff work together to raise awareness of Modern Slavery during lockdown

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The whole TCT team have got together (virtually) to support the #unlockthedoors campaign by Justice and Care to ensure that Human Trafficking is not forgotten in the midst of Covid-19.

Senior Development Worker James Henderson said: “TCT has been committed for many years to fight the injustice of Modern Slavery by raising awareness and partnering with others to increase the amount of intelligence and safeguarding victims. TCT staff were only too keen to help with this campaign and it links brilliantly to the online training, podcasts and videos produced by our Modern Slavery Campaigner Debbie Huxton.”

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TCT Modern Slavery Campaigner with the Mothers’ Union - Debbie Huxton.

We're delighted to be working with Justice and Care to raise awareness of Modern Slavery during lockdown.

Each picture counts!!

Tens of thousands of slavery victims across the UK, will remain locked away. We want to send a clear message to the UK government that their lives matter – that we remember them and care about their freedom!

1) Take a picture of yourself outside your front door with an #UnlockTheDoors sign

2) Post on your social media channels with the hashtag #UnlockTheDoors and tag @justiceandcare & @impactpoverty

3) Justice & Care will collect all your posts together and deliver the montage to the UK government.

* Created 14th May 2020 | Updated 26th June *

FB Unlock the doors
TCT is working to promote Justice & Care's fantastic #unlockthedoors campaign

Thank you!!!

We have been blown away by the local support for this important campaign. Thanks so much to everybody taking part! Here are some of the pictures we have received:

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