The Enabling Church team are back!

After a 4 month furlough interlude, we are delighted to welcome back our incredibly hard working and dedicated Enabling Church Team!

Enabling Church

Over the last 15 months, many churches have managed to reach out to a wider community with the introduction of online worship, but as we get back to a new normal and Church doors open, is your Church as inclusive as it can be?

How can we continue to maintain that our Churches are a place of welcome for all ?

1 in 6 people (at least!) live with some kind of physical or mental impairment. Jesus spent lots of his time and energy showing us that no-one is excluded from knowing and experiencing the love of God. God's story is often most vividly told to us by and through the lives of those who are commonly overlooked by the 'mainstream'.

If you would like to hear more about our work and how we can help you make your Church more accessible please do not hesitate to contact us Enabling.Church@lichfield.anglican.org - we would love to hear from you!