Food Poverty

TCT supports the School Breakfast Bill

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, 1.8 million school age children were at risk of starting the day hungry.

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On Tuesday 13thOctober, supported by Magic Breakfast and Feeding Britain, Emma Lewell-Buck MP will introduce The School Breakfast Bill to guarantee schools with high levels of disadvantage the support they need to provide a free school breakfast to children at risk of hunger. This legislation would ensure that children start the day ready to learn, boosting educational attainment and unlocking productivity.

The child food poverty crisis has escalated throughout COVID-19. 2 million children experienced food insecurity during the first 5 weeks of lockdown alone. Even before the pandemic, however, 6 children in every class of 30 were at risk of hunger, preventing them from being able to focus in class. Without help, these children will fall behind their classmates, limiting their future education and employment opportunities.

We’re partnering with Magic Breakfast and Feeding Britain in support of the School Breakfast Bill to ensure no child is too hungry to learn.

Please join us in asking your MP to support the Bill, it takes just 1 minute:


The School Breakfast Bill will provide disadvantaged schools the support they require to provide a free and nutritious school breakfast to children at risk of hunger. The Bill will build on the Government’s successful National School Breakfast Programme which is scheduled to end in March 2021.

Research shows school breakfast provision addresses food insecurity and tackles the educational attainment gap; leading to improvements in children's punctuality, attendance, behaviour and educational outcomes. As one child put it, ‘I like to eat breakfast at school because it helps me to stay focused in lessons and it puts me in a good mood every morning’.

If you agree that no child should be too hungry to learn, please email your MP:


You’ll be on the side of those who see the impact of hunger on children every day - a recent YouGov survey found that 86% of teachers surveyed support a nationwide programme to ensure children at risk of hunger have access to a free breakfast during the school term.

Your support will make a huge difference, thank you.

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