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Supporting refugees from Afghanistan

How and where to provide support

Updated: 15th September 2021

Prayer and action

We have watched the desperate situation unfold in Afghanistan. The Bible and other scriptures such as the Quran, are clear on the need to support refugees.

We are listing ways to respond on this page. We've also added a range of prayers to our prayer page.


Afghan Welcome state

“One of the most urgent needs for new arrivals from Afghanistan is appropriate housing. Due to a shortage of available social housing for larger families the government is using transition sites instead. But with an average of 100 Afghan families (including many children) in one site this is not a very helpful context in which to recover from trauma and start to rebuild your life.”

They hosted a special webinar for landlords to find out about renting their properties to Afghan refugees. They partnered with the National Residential Landlords Association for the event, heard from representatives from the local authorities, Afghan refugees themselves and the government team working on the resettlement.

If you are able to offer a property to your local authority for use by Afghan refugees, please clock on the button below and fill in the form:

C of E Toolkit

The Church of England have launched a toolkit for people and their churches who have questions about the Afghanistan situation and what they can do to help refugees. See more via the button below:


The Afghan Community & Welfare Centre Walsall has a long history of supporting people fleeing Afghanistan since 2007.

They have currently received a lot of donations, and so are not needed more at present.

You can donate to them via PayPal



In collaboration with Tabernacle Baptist Church and the Afghan Community and Welfare Centre, Cllr Obaida Ahmed is appealing for the good people of Wolverhampton to step up once again and donate to the vulnerable people fleeing Afghanistan.

Please watch the video in full and donate the items requested

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Brushstrokes statement:

“Brushstrokes is officially partnering with Sandwell Council to implement the Afghan Resettlement Scheme, helping those who worked for and with the UK forces as interpreters, to safely and quickly establish themselves in the community. For this, we will make specific and focused requests for donations when we have information about the requirements of each household.

However, we know that Sandwell is an area where many new arrivals are regularly dispersed, so at the moment we are just waiting and preparing.

If you have spare clothing, toys or toiletries, you could:

• Pack clean and undamaged clothes in bags clearly labelled for gender and age or size (seasonally appropriate)

• Vac-pack any clean, spare duvets or pillows and label with the size of the duvet

• Clean up any unwanted shoes, and place these into individual bags labelled with size/gender

• Group toys by age and put in labelled bags

• Keep your donations at home and keep an eye on this page to see what items we need over the coming weeks.

Once again, thank you for your compassion and support. Sandwell is a Borough of Sanctuary, and we can join together to make Sandwell a place of welcome for all.”


You can now drop off donations to Dudley's Afghan Refugee Support project at Top Church’s Places of Welcome, every Wednesday from 1-3pm.

Items being asked for are:

* Items for mums-to-be and new mums, including maternity clothes

* Pushchairs

* Lightweight scarves

* Appropriate footwear, e.g. trainers or flipflops/sandals.

* Any clothes that are clean and in good condition

* Older children's clothes in particular

* Toiletries

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Our colleagues at the Diocese of Worcester have some very comprehensive resources at https://www.cofe-worcester.org.uk/news/responding-to-the-crisis-in-afghanistan.php


In Shropshire, there are 10 donation points: https://www.shropshirestar.com/news/local-hubs/shrewsbury/2021/08/27/afghan-donation-points-in-shropshire-to-help-refugees-fleeing-taliban/

Shropshire donation are being coordinated through Shropshire Supports Refugees – and today’s information from them is that people have been hugely generous and they are asking people to pause donations while they process what they have already got: https://www.shropshirestar.com/news/local-hubs/shrewsbury/2021/09/01/hundreds-of-donation-bags-collected-for-afghan-refugees-in-shropshire/

Donations are still being accepted in Telford and Wrekin, via Telford Crisis Support or Telford & Wrekin Interfaith Council. For Telford & Wrekin Interfaith Council, email hello@interfaithtelford.org or telephone 07545 023519. https://www.shropshirestar.com/news/local-hubs/telford/2021/08/27/telford-to-welcome-up-to-25-afghan-interpreters-and-their-families-with-eight-already-resettled/

National Work

Baby Basics UK is working with Afghan Welcome a coalition of charities that have come together to support families being resettled from Afghanistan into the UK. Donations will be sent to families as requested and any excess will go to support the day to day work of Baby Basics UK with vulnerable families across the UK.

You can support by donating via their wishlists - clock on the button below.

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