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Could you help support TCT?

How has Covid-19 impacted your life?

No matter what our standing in society, we all have a story to tell from minor inconvenience to personal tragedy.

In towns and cities, such as Wolverhampton, West Bromwich, Stoke, Burton, Shrewsbury, and Walsall, there are people for whom the impact has been devastating. Here are some of their on-going experiences…..

1) Veronica, her partner, and their two year old daughter rent a private flat in Walsall. When Covid-19 hit, she had no income for three weeks. She had to choose between cold food for the family, or electricity for warmth, light and the TV.

2) Gareth lives in Burton-on-Trent. He’s a single man who, due to pre-existing medical conditions, had to self-isolate for 12 weeks when Covid-19 struck. He found himself unable to afford food and basic cleaning products. He apologised that he didn’t know if there were any food banks open near him or how to access them. He just didn’t know where to turn. We were able to link him to a local charity in our network, who had food but sadly couldn’t provide the cleaning products he needed.

3) Naseem is from the Black Country. She was a regular at the health and fitness classes at her local community centre. These stopped due to Covid-19 but support from our Near Neighbours team helped them to move online. Naseem said “I was so glad to hear this because I suffer from depression, anxiety and weight gain. The online classes continue to have positive impact on my mental and physical health. After participation I feel relieved and stress free. The external interaction with our instructor and the rest of the participants, helps me combat my negative emotions of feeling lonely, isolated and of no hope of any normality in the near future.’’

How is TCT responding? - Our impact during Covid-19

TCT has been making an impact in areas such as financial guidance, community cohesion, social isolation, loneliness, modern slavery, hate crime and homelessness.

Our free Covid Cash Recovery course is making an immediate difference for people with money worries as a result of Covid; we also run it as Train the Trainer.

We are also fundraising to provide long term support through programmes such as;

Bringing People Together groups online

Modern Slavery Awareness training

Places of Welcome as they re-open

Along with seeking charitable funds, we are looking for local donors who will trust TCT to channel their giving to support individuals and communities elsewhere in the diocese who are vulnerable and disadvantaged.

We can then keep in touch through our regular e-newsletter.

We will be very grateful for any help that you can give in promoting TCT over the coming months to potential donors in your parishes and communities.