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Reset the debt!

TCT proud to partner in national anti-poverty campaign!

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TCT are campaigning for a fresh start for families in Britain swept into debt by Covid-19. We will post updates below


Parliamentary debate!

Updated 15th July 2021

Last week, Eleven MPs from three different parties spoke at the Parliamentary debate on the effect of Covid-19 on household debt.
All of them agreed that Covid-19 has worsened the economic inequalities of our society, and that many families have experienced a tsunami of household debt.
As many MPs pointed out, StepChange have estimated that 11 million people have built up £25 billion in debt – just to keep afloat.
You can see an edited (6-minute) video of the debate here and read a blog here

Reset The Debt: A fresh start for families in Britain in debt by Covid-19

This webinar, from March 2021, featured our very own Cassius Francis and our Walsall based friend Rev Bev Boden. It explored:
- How the UK Government can #ResetTheDebt for families swept into debt by Covid-19
- Why the biblical principle of Jubilee is the right place to start
- How churches can speak with a distinctively Christian voice to call for change


- Revd Cassius Francis – Just Finance Worker for Transforming Communities Together, and minister in the Wesleyan Holiness Church. Cassius leads on the Covid Cash Recovery course, and will speak to how practical and policy responses are needed to address rising household debt.

- Paul Morrison – Policy Advisor for the Joint Public Issues Team. Paul will speak to the growing poverty and inequality in the UK which led to the campaign, and the policy response needed by government.

- Revd Dr Mike Long – Notting Hill Methodist Church. Mike’s PHD is in the Theology of Jubilee, and will speak about what Jubilee Theology has to say to us today as we respond to Covid-19.

- Revd Bev Boden - Aldridge and Daw End Methodist Churches. Bev supports Ablewell Advice, a church led advice centre in Walsall. She will speak to the need seen at the local level during Covid-19.

A fresh start for families in Britain swept into debt by Covid-19

TCT are delighted to be one of a number of other organisations, supporting this campaign and we’re proud to add our voices to call for change.

The problem

An estimated six million people in the UK have fallen behind on one or more household bill as a result of Covid-19, with the biggest increases in debt amongst the poorest households.

People who were previously able to keep their head above water are now in severe difficulty. Others, who had been just staying afloat, now face being overwhelmed by circumstances entirely beyond their control.

This is an urgent problem that demands a solution. It is not right that those with the fewest resources should bear the heaviest burden of the lockdown, potentially for years to come.

The Solution

Now is the time for a solution to be found.

We believe people swept into debt by Covid-19 now need a Jubilee. It’s time to #ResetTheDebt.

We’re proposing that the Chancellor creates a Jubilee Fund. This would provide grants to pay off and cancel unavoidable debt accrued by households during the lockdown period, giving them a more stable platform from which to face the future.

Take Action!

Could you join us?

Write to your MP, calling on them to ask the Chancellor what the Government’s plans are to address the crisis.

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Watch the #ResetTheDebt webinar, featuring amongst some great guests, our very own Cassius Francis.

Listen to Cassius on BBC WM Radio

Grassroots Listening and a partnership approach

Reset The Debt is a campaign launched by the Baptist Union, the Church of Scotland, Church Action on Poverty, the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church.

The campaign grew out of their listening and learning to communities during the lockdown of 2020, as part of the Gleanings project. It heard that debt was becoming an increasing problem for households and communities across the UK.

TCT are delighted to be one of a number of other organisations, supporting this campaign and we’re proud to add our voices to call for change.

Walsall Launch

TCT was able to launch the campaign in Walsall, as one of our Just Finance team - Rev’d Cassius Francis, lead the Walsall Methodist Circuit on 4th October 2020, with Keely Gabriel from Ablewell Advice. Watch the full service below:

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Lived experience of Leanne
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Published 4th October 2020

Updated 15th July 2021

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19 per cent – almost one in five – of households borrowed to buy food or other essentials in July