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Reflections on 2019 - Su

Su Parker 2

As our only worker with two thematic areas, Su shares about her Dementia Friendly Churches and Places of Welcome highlights

Having two roles with TCT means I get to share to highlights

My first is seeing how my friend responded to the Dementia Friendly Churches conference. She is living with Dementia and she spent the day sharing and being listened too. She was so relaxed and happy during the conference. Now when I mention that she spoke at a conference, though she can’t remember the details of what happened to her, her face lights up, as she asked ‘did I?’ And I happily respond that she did!

The second one, is the welcome that I received from a church that were enquiring to be a Place of Welcome. The church is in quite desolate surroundings , and the building is quite warn down, yet the welcome that I received was overwhelming. I was offered and drink and a toastie. Accepted a proper hug, when offered. And left with a lighter heart because of the community that I had been welcomed into.