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Reflecting on Faith, Finance and Mental Health as part of National Inclusion Week

As part of National Inclusion Week, TCT reflects on the key roles finance and mental health have in our different religions

Shaz Akhtar 2 Black Country Near Neighbours Coordinator

Shaz Akhtar

A blog by Shaz Akhtar, TCT’s Near Neighbours Coordinator


Key aspects of every faith

Not many people relate finance and mental health to religion, but actually both play a key role in every faith.

The Black Country Near Neighbours and Just Finance teams at Transforming Communities Together felt the importance of creating a space for faith leaders and residents across the Black Country to explore these important topics.

Acting on the lived experience we hear in communities

Our series of ‘Faith, Finance & ...’ events came about at a TCT Team Meeting, influenced by the current situation that a lot of people in communities where facing around problems with money. Whether it was savings, debt, gambling, or mental health it had some relation to finance.
Personally, talking to residents about their lives, I noticed how a lot of people were suffering from anxiety. But when they spoke about their journey, it somehow had the involvement of money; the over-use of it or just having too little of it!

Listening and observing this closely further embedded within me the importance of creating spaces where residents can talk about these issues openly. Not being able to talk about money worries naturally leads to increased anxiety and deterioration in our mental health and well-being.

A deeper understanding of different faith perspectives

In our second event, held back in July, a diverse group of us gathered online to hear speakers from across faith groups talking about how their attitudes to mental health, wellbeing and money are influenced by their faith teachings.
The aims of these events are to bring people together to explore different faith perspectives on money.
What the team wanted to absorb out of these events was how we can all work together across communities and faith groups, to improve financial well-being across the Black Country and beyond!

We enjoyed contributions from the Muslim, Sikh and Christian religions and importantly, many of us realised we have much more in common than we realised from our different faith backgrounds.
I hope you enjoy watching the video recording.

You can also listen to the recording of our first ‘Faith and Finance’ event below: