Advice to colleagues running Places of Welcome venues

Postponing Places of Welcome

Updated advice to colleagues running Places of Welcome venues

Please consider suspending your Place of Welcome, and encouraging people to find others ways to stay in contact.

As you will be aware, the government has issued further guidance to the public about the actions we need to take to protect vulnerable people and manage the pressures on the NHS during the current coronavirus pandemic. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said everyone in the UK should now avoid "non-essential" travel and contact with others. In order to support this position, we recommend that you and your volunteer team should suspend the operation of your Place of Welcome for the time being.

We appreciate that the next few weeks / months are going to be very difficult, especially for those who are rely on social interaction with others through attendance at a Place of Welcome.

We would urge you to consider ways in which your Place of Welcome, volunteers and guests can safely support each other and members of the wider community. You could encourage people exchange phone numbers, perhaps committing to speak on the phone at least every week. For some this might extend to a Facebook Page or WhatsApp group for PoW members. Many community groups have sprung up to help those in self-isolation as the disease spreads across the country and you may wish to find out what is happening on your area. There are many "practical" ways to help, such as running errands on neighbours' behalf or picking up supplies such as food and medication; please look out for people who are at risk of feeling isolated and alone during this time

Thank you as ever for all the work you are doing; please get in touch if you need help or advice.