*updated and edited 01.02.22*

Restrictions have been lifted and we're all getting back to "the norm" but, I'm reminded by re-reading these pages that not everything about the pandemic should be forgotten. Being #peopleofhope should join us as we journey into "the new normal" and find living again.

In March 2020, we found ourselves in uncertain times and we were delighted to be partnering with others to form the #peopleofhope movement and here's how you can get involved!


Transforming Communities Together, along with Lichfield Diocese, the CUF Together Network and Wellsprings Together have set up an online movement called #peopleofhope

Here are some FAQ’s about it:

* What is #peopleofhope

#peopleofhope is growing grassroots movement of individuals, churches, dioceses and charities using #peopleofhope to share stories of supporting people and communities

It’s also used to share a daily top tip or good idea.

* How does it work?

Just search for #peopleofhope on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

* How can we join in?

We’ve been delighted that other Dioceses and groups such as Places of Welcome have joined since we launched on Wednesday.

The main thing is to share good news and tips on your normal social media and then put #peopleofhope at the end.