Levels of savings in the West Midlands are very low, with 55% of people have less than £100 in savings. Debt can quickly result but we want to prevent this!

Ethical Finance is vital to the well-being of everyone in the Black Country.

We're delighted to be working with Black Country Chamber of Commerce and all four Credit Unions across the Black Country to launch a Payroll Savings Campaign.

Levels of savings in the West Midlands are very low (55% of people have less than £100 in savings). This means that things like your child being ill and you miss a days pay or a broken washing machine tip people into debt. They then have to take out high cost credit or even worse borrow money from a loan shark.

This partnership encourages local businesses to set up Payroll Savings for their staff, helping them save with a credit union. If that staff member needs a loan, they are already a member of an ethical lender. We know that even a small amount of savings soon adds up!

We were delighted to have Just Finance Foundation Trustee and Chair of the Money and Pension Service - Sir Hector Sants join us at the Black Country Business Festival to lend his support.

“The financial wellbeing problems we face as a nation are great, but not insurmountable if we work together to make small changes to the ways people manage their money day-to-day. If we change people’s everyday money habits we change their financial lives.”

Sir Hector Sants - 16th May 19 - Wolverhampton