Places of Welcome brings together diverse groups in Wolverhampton

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Guest blog by Community Artist Rachel Arnold

Rachel currently leads the Spacehive funded ‘Flour Power‘ project that brings together people of all countries to bake & create together and learn the history of bread & flour in local Mosques & Art centres. This innovative project aims to support togetherness by knowing each other.

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Ahmadiyya Community Mosque on Willenhall Road in Wolverhampton. 📸 Credit: AMA Wolves via Facebook

I spend my Wednesday’s from 11.30am-1.30pm Ahmadiyya Community Mosque on Willenhall Road in Wolverhampton.

Toby, the outreach worker of the Mosque has partnered with Transforming Communities Together to join the Places of Welcome movement, to create a space where the public can relax and chat, as well as be sign posted to avenues of support.

Workers from a wide range of Wolverhampton organisations attend to support the public, including the Fire Service, Health Watch Wolverhampton, Stop Violence Against Women campaign, the Domestic Abuse Forum and community police team.

Alvine Noumey, a textile expert from a local charity ‘Migrant Empowerment Group’ attends with her sewing machine in the space and Paul Ryder & Marcus Cotterill of the newly formed LGBT support group are all there to join in the conversations.

I support the Place of Welcome with my home made organic bread or cakes from independent bakeries to be part of the conversation.

The atmosphere is lively and energetic and it’s a real highlight of my week!