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TCT proud to support Paperchains

We are proud supporters of Paperchains - an initiative to provide a voice to people who have experienced prison, homelessness or who have served in the armed services, and their families during lockdown.

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The Paperchains campaign

What is Paperchains?

As we have often been told, these are unprecedented times. As we have grappled with the upheaval of Covid-19, a poem by Damian Barr (@Damian_Barr):

"We are not all in the same boat. We are all in the same storm. Some are on super-yachts. Some have just the one oar."

This beautifully sums up some of the thinking behind Paperchains. Developed by author A.G. Smith. Paperchains aims to ensure that when the history of the 2020 Lockdown is written, the voices and the lived experiences, of those often less heard are not lost.

This includes people with lived experience of prison and the armed services, of those experiencing homelessness, and of course, their family members.

Paperchains will be created from responses to the lockdown, be it a journal entry, short story, a poem, a drawing, sketch or painting. These will be curated for an exhibition in 2021 and an accompanying book

Entry deadline: 5 July 2020 (the date the NHS was established in 1948).

For each category there will be BRONZE/SILVER/GOLD awards.

Those who are selected to be a part of the 2021 exhibition will receive a commemorative wristband.

Entries can be sent to:

Paperchains PO Box 7482 Stourbridge DY8 9HH

Who is supporting this?

Paperchains is delighted to have the support of The Big Issue, Hay Festival, BBFC, Inside Time, SSAFA, Help for Heroes, Armed Forces Online, Transforming Communities Together, Story Machine Productions, Scragends Literary Agency, Loud & Clear, as well as bestselling authors such as Martina Cole, Stephen Kelman and Anthony Horowtiz amongst many others.

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Paperchains partners


The idea for Paperchains came from author A.G. Smith, whose work in prisons across Staffordshire has been highlighted by C4’s Secret Millionaire and BBC Radio 4’s PM.

Link to full article by A.G Smith in Inside Time https://insidetime.org/paperchains/

A.G. Smith is represented by The Scragends Literary Agency

How can we help?

We need your help to make Paperchain a success:

Please retweet/tweet about the project to raise its profile and its aims!