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Guest blog: New Bible Study Resource

Rosie Venner, Money Makes Change programme managerat the Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility (ECCR), introduces a new resource for churches to use during Lent and beyond.

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Rosie Venner is the ECCR National Programme Manager for Money Makes Change

The challenges of the pandemic and its economic impact on our communities can feel overwhelming. How can we respond? This Lent might be a time for your church to pause, reflect and discern the role you can play in restoring hope and speaking out for justice.

A new Bible study resource from the Money Makes Change programme gets to the heart of the connections between inequality, our financial choices and the way that businesses behave.

In the midst of the global pandemic, some of the world’s biggest companies are fuelling climate change, paying low wages and ignoring injustice in their supply chains, while continuing to profit. In contrast, there are businesses, charities and faith groups working for a more equal society who have been lifelines to communities over the past year.

How we think about money and what we do with money matters. Where we bank, where our churches hold investments, the decisions we make with our everyday spending and giving. What kind of world are we shaping?

No matter what our context, there’s something we can do. As TCT’s Revd Cassius Francis explores in one of the video reflections for the resource:

“We may not be able to do it all, but we may all be able to share something, however small.”

If you are looking for a challenging but accessible resource that gets to the heart of the connections between faith, money and a fairer world, then why not take a look at the Money Makes Change bible studies?

The resource follows the four Action Areas of our Money Makes Change Pledge, and there’s an extra session to introduce the studies as part of a Lent course.

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Here’s a quick summary of the topics covered, and how you might run them during Lent:

Week 1 – Introductory session: What have our finances got to do with our faith? How has the pandemic affected people? What is our role to play in tackling inequality?

Week 2 – Where your treasure is: The money we steward – is it ours or God’s? How does this affect what we do with our resources?

Week 3 – Learning and sharing: In a deeply inequal world, whose voices do we listen to? How can we share what we have with others?

Week 4 – Spending power: Do we give the same attention to our spending as to our giving? Can we shape a better society for everyone with our everyday spending choices?

Week 5 – Speaking out: How can we hold businesses and policymakers to account and speak out for a fairer economy?

All the studies can be downloaded for free here. We’d love to hear from you if you are planning to use them – whether during Lent or later in the year.

Get in touch via or tag us on social media. Why not share your reflections using the hashtag #MoneyMakesChange?