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TCT supports National Grief Awareness Week

Guest blog by Anne Horder, Lead for Palliative Care, End of Life and Bereavement, Dudley Council Public Health.

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In what has been a particularly difficult year for those who have been bereaved, we wanted to let you know that National Grief Awareness Week is now on.

This campaign aims to help us all talk more easily about the pain we feel on the death of those we love and care for and encourages us to reach out to others to offer and receive help.

To mark the week, 6 people living and working in Dudley (including some of our staff) have shared their stories about what helped them with their grief.

The first videos are now released on the Dudley MBC and Let’s Get Facebook and Twitter accounts and more will be posted during the week.

Please do watch them on the links below and perhaps think of sharing them (on Facebook and Twitter- via your own personal accounts) to help reach out across the current restrictions to help those who are grieving at this time.

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If you yourself would like help with your own grief, the Let’s Get public health website provides practical information and guidance on everything on how to register a death and the guidelines around funerals during covid, provides links to more emotional support, and offers safe suggestions on how anyone of us can help someone who has been bereaved.

For more information on Grief Awareness Week go to

Thank you for watching and for your support for those who are grieving at this time.

Published 3rd December 2020

Updated 6th December 2020

TCT are delighted to be working with Dudley Council to support National Grief Awareness Week and share our stories about what helped us with our grief.