International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

A brilliant poem from our friend Shaz Hafeez

That is Racism

Racism isn't when you only see a colour when you first meet someone.

You see the obvious, you see the face, the colour, the hair

That isn't racism.

It's when you don't see beyond that

You don't see the achievements of a person of colour

You don't want to see the struggle off a person of colour to better themselves

You don't want to give them the same amount of respect that you give to others due to the colour of their skin or heritage

That is racism

When all you see is the extra melanin and decide me being free isn't worth anything

When you still see the shackles around me and treat me like your my master and I am a mere slave.

Do you think that how I physically appear makes a difference to how I will live my life.

Yes it will, because when everyone is against you chances are low that I will achieve the same heights as you.

Not because my IQ is lower than yours or I don't try hard enough.

But because I'm a person of colour

That is Racism

Shaz Hafeez