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Guest Blog
Mental Health

GUEST BLOG - Survivor

In this guest blog, the Founder of Sandwell Asian Mental Health Group (SAMHG) - Bally, shares about her exhibition - ‘Survivor’ at the Brasshouse Community Centre, Smethwick

Bally is a British Sikh woman living in Sandwell, who set up the self-funded SAMHG in May 2017, as a safe place where men and women from Asian backgrounds who experience mental health issues, can get together and talk, with an overall aim to connect, support and signpost.

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Driven by her desire to help people, Bally has been able to use her past history as a nurse and her first hand experience of mental health, to reach out and support others and play her role and try and make a difference by signposting the individual to get the right help and support.

“My dream was to go back into the community and make a difference. I really care about people in the community!” says Bally.

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The exhibition is supported by Richard Franks from Create Black Country and the SAMHG members, who created a wonderful calendar ‘A year of positivity’ as part of their ‘Creative Communities’ project.

The exhibition features some wonderful positive quotes to empower and uplift your mind and mood.

“It was great to work with Richard on my first ever project!”

Make Every Second Count

‘Let’s get together and talk’

If you’d like to know more or get involved, contact Bally on:

Twitter: @samhsg18 - www.Twitter.com/samhsg18

Email: samhg171@gmail.com

Poem by Bally: 'Time'

Time 4 me

Time 4 you

Time with friends & family too

Time to work

Time to play

Time to relax & rest at the end of the day

Make time to reflect and time to change

Time is very precious

Take time out

Enjoy every second, minute, hour of time

Because it's here today and gone tomorrow


Poem by Bally: 'Survivor'

I am a mental health survivor

As a result of bullying

I became a fighter

I did the time

But didn't do the crime

Through isolation, I became stuck in time

Unable to sleep, my mind went into overtime

Step by step my journey began

As I took hold of my life's master plan

The door opens up a new opportunity

I had returned back into my community

Stand up to bullying at work

Get support from your network

Through determination

We can eradicate bullying discrimination!