"The Place of Welcome at All Saints Streetly is thriving."

We recently caught up with Sue Hall, the Coordinator of the Place of Welcome at All Saints Streetly, a suburb of Walsall.

Sue told us:

"The Place of Welcome at All Saints Streetly is thriving. In the main our most frequent visitors continue to be members of the 10am (church) service, which takes place immediately before Place of Welcome every Wednesday morning.

This service is particularly appreciated by some of our older members of the congregation as it shorter and more sedentary.

These folk, many of whom have health issues, very much enjoy the fellowship at Place of Welcome. We are also welcoming non-church attending spouses, who come along for coffee and chat after the service.

At the beginning of May, we were delighted to welcome members of the Walsall Gurdwara, who came to observe the form of an Anglican Service, and who joined us afterwards at Place of Welcome before touring the church and staying for lunch.

We are hoping to build on this, investigating whether Place Of Welcome may be of interest to older members of the Sikh families who have moved into Streetly.

The exchange of experiences in church and worship was very interesting.

Sikh visitor to All Saints Streetly