#WorkingTogether to end Modern Slavery

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Blog by James Henderson - TCT's Senior Development Worker

One of the reasons I love my job so much is that it gives me a chance to engage with many people, from many different backgrounds, who passionately want to improve our world and ensure that everyone gets the chance to thrive and flourish.

Ending Modern Slavery is something I'm really passionate about and yesterday I gathered with people from across the Commonwealth at Lambeth Palace. These were people of different faiths and backgrounds, united in the common interest of a new abolition movement. This included hearing from former Prime Minister and also being asked to quote about the tragic Essex lorry deaths in 'Christian Today'.

I strongly believe that it is only by working together, in a spirit of mutual respect and empowerment, that lives will change and those affected most by the growing inequality in our society will once again be able to thrive and flourish.

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