We aim to be a resource for people and groups wanting to make a difference in their community and tackle poverty.When we talk about 'poverty' we are very careful not to demine or disempower those living with its reality. We find the NUJ guidelines on reporting poverty very helpful:

  1. Don’t contribute to the idea that there are deserving and undeserving poor people – no one wants or deserves to live in poverty.
  2. People living in poverty do not put themselves there by choice. There is no joy in going without meals or not having holidays, or seeing your kids go without new things.
  3. It’s patronising to think people in receipt of benefits just need to be taught how to budget – limited money can only stretch so far.
  4. Poverty is not just a lack of money, food, jobs, and so on, it’s also about a lack of opportunity.
  5. See me as an individual, a person, a human being . Don’t think you can judge me or make your mind up about me without talking to me because I’m on benefits.
  6. Words hurt. Reports can exacerbate problems and increase hate crimes.
  7. Recognise that people living in poverty are human beings. People living in poverty have dignity.That humanity and dignity is taken away because of how the media portrays them.


We work with local communities around a variety of key themes including:

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Building Community Dementia Friendly Churches Financial Resilience
Impacting Homelessness Impacting Modern Slavery Mapping the Places of Support in communities
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