UNIVERSAL CREDIT - Pro-forma for managed payments requests to landlords

Pro forma to enable private tenants to make a written request for ‘managed payments’.

Shared by Information and Support Team at City of Wolverhampton Council.

It is widely acknowledged that Universal Credit has increased the level of debt faced by many claimants and that its introduction has served to increase the number of tenants getting into rent arrears. This can be attributed to a number of different factors, including the way in which Universal Credit is paid monthly in arrears and people’s inability to both budget and manage their own finances.

We have produced the attached pro forma to enable private tenants to make a written request for ‘managed payments’. A ‘managed payment’ is where the ‘housing costs’ part of a person’s Universal Credit assessment is paid directly to their landlord to save their tenancy being put at risk. The pro forma helps the person to explain why it is thought that a ‘managed payment’ is needed and what the consequences could be should the application be refused.

People often think that under Universal Credit the rent element of their Universal Credit must always be paid directly to them. This is not the case. In certain situations, a person can ask for their rent to be paid directly to their landlord. Such a request can be made at any time. A person does not need to be in rent arrears before an application can be made. However, even when a ‘managed payment’ is agreed, it will only be put in place for a temporary period. This is because ‘managed payment’ decisions need to be reviewed periodically.

Once completed and signed, a claimant can take the form to their local Job Centre or upload a copy of the form on to their Universal Credit journal. Alternatively, a person can call into their local Job Centre or ring the Universal Credit Service Centre (Telephone number: 0800 328 5644) and request ‘managed payments’.

Please click on the link below to find out more about the DWP’s policy surrounding ‘managed payments’.


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Universal Credit Managed Payments Form 21 6 2019

Universal-Credit-Managed-Payments-Form-21.6.2019.pdf (270.828 KB)

Fact Sheet 11 Private Tenants an Universal Credit 21 6 2019

Fact-Sheet-11-Private-Tenants-an-Universal-Credit-21.6.2019.pdf (632.977 KB)