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Supporting TCT

Could you help support TCT?


TCT has been working hard throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

TCT has been making an impact in areas such as financial guidance, community cohesion, social isolation, loneliness, modern slavery, hate crime and homelessness.

Our free Covid Cash Recovery course is making an immediate difference for people with money worries as a result of Covid; we also run it as Train the Trainer.

We are also fundraising to provide long term support through programmes such as;

Bringing People Together groups online

Modern Slavery Awareness training

Places of Welcome as they re-open

Along with seeking charitable funds, we are looking for local donors who will trust TCT to channel their giving to support individuals and communities elsewhere in the diocese who are vulnerable and disadvantaged.

We can then keep in touch through our regular e-newsletter.

We will be very grateful for any help that you can give in promoting TCT over the coming months to potential donors in your parishes and communities.

Tct a4 covid poster

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Tct a5 covid leaflet

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