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NN Covid-19 Surge impact

Between the start of February and the end of April 2021, Transforming Communities Together (TCT) expanded our Near Neighbours community cohesion work to support those most at risk from Covid-19.

‘Surge funding’ was given to TCT by the MHCLG, through our longstanding relationship with our national partner – Near Neighbours.

Black Country Near Neighbours was the first initiative of TCT back in 2014, working across Walsall, Wolverhampton, Sandwell and Dudley.

Building on our existing local networks in some of the most diverse areas of the West Midlands and the areas of highest inequality, we were able to expand our existing support to include:

  • Promoting the latest information about public health, personal safety and the vaccine, through key targeting of different faith and ethnic communities, encompassing different languages and cultural nuances.
  • Support local groups to apply for a new small grants programme to support grassroots organisations.
  • Facilitate community listening and feedback workshops.
  • Recruit participants from across the Black Country to participate in new empowerment programmes to:
    • boost digital inclusion
    • enhance youth and community leadership
    • strengthen financial resilience

Summaries of Transforming Communities Together’s Surge Covid-19 work across the Black Country, in partnership with Near Neighbours and funded by Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, can be downloaded below:

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TCT NN short Surge Report 2021 A4

TCT-NN-short-Surge-Report-2021-A4.pdf (902.519 KB)

TCT NN Surge Long Report 2021 A4

TCT-NN-Surge-Long-Report-2021-A4.pdf (3.883 MB)