Help with your Water

From 1st April 2021, the South Staffordshire Water Charitable Trust will change

A new shorter application form has been designed to make it easier to complete and understand what the Charitable Trust award is. This will be updated on their website from 1st April 2021.

• The Charitable Trust payment arrangement is £1 per week.
• A 50% grant award will be made after 26 weeks of sustained payments and the remaining 50% paid after a further 26 weeks. Meaning a 100% grant award in total following 52 weeks of payments.
• Applicants must have less than £1000 in savings.
• Lodgers income will be excluded in the expenditure requirement for non related occupants, using only the rent paid.
• Align the benefits not included for the water companies’ Assure such as DLA, PIP so will also be exempt for The Charitable Trust calculation.

Charitable Trust policy change notice stakeholder update Feb 2021 1

Charitable-Trust-policy-change-notice_stakeholder-update-Feb-2021-1.pdf (60.49 KB)

CT Application form from 1st April 2021 1

CT-Application-form-from-1st-April-2021-1.pdf (212.785 KB)