Credit unions offer an ethical alternative to traditional banks and building societies for saving and borrowing.

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  1. A credit union is a community savings & loans provider, owned by its members.
  2. Credit unions are not-for-profit
  3. Credit Union members share any profits made, instead of paying outside shareholders, like most other financial institutions.
  4. Credit unions are for everyone! This can often mean helping those who can’t get access to ordinary bank products
  5. They are a welcome alternative to payday loans or doorstep lending, beacuse they offer much lower interest.
  6. Your money is safe - credit unions can’t lend out all their members’ savings or plough the remainder into anything that carries too much risk. All money in savings with credit unions has the same FSCS Government protection as bank savings accounts.

Our Just Finance Black Country team do a lot of work to promote our fantastastic Black Country Credit Unions.

We're also delighted to be working with Black Country Chamber of Commerce and all four Credit Unions across the Black Country to launch a Payroll Savings Campaign.

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Photo Credit: Brett Jordan via Unsplash