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TCT is a Christian based charity that employs and supports people of all faiths and none.

Prayer changes things!

Many of our staff pray regularly for the people and communities that we serve and for our work supporting people and communities to thrive and flourish.

How we pray varies, as our staff belong to different faith traditions including Christian, Muslim and Sikh.

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Focus for March 2022

Praying for the Peace of the World

Many churches and organisations have been organising prayer vigils and services following the invasion of Ukraine.

We share with you here prayers, resources and downloadable toolkits that can be used across a variety of settings for prayers toegther and individually at this time.

Prayer for Ukraine

Dr Justin Thacker, Christian Aid's Scripture Advisor, leads in a prayer for Ukraine.

A prayer for Ukraine by Sally Foster-Fulton, Head of Nations and Church Relations; curtesy of Christian Aid

Borders, barricades, bewilderment…

When the bargaining begins,

God please protect peace.

Sanctions, security measured in minutes and it’s scary…

When safety scatters,

God please protect peace.

War dresses up in peace-keeper’s clothes,

Troops amass, the ground trembles and so do people…

When the future feels fragile,

God please protect peace.

The littlest, the least likely to have a say,

Those whose lives are sanctioned and bargained over –

Violence always finds them first.

And the ‘oh-so-important’ political maneuvers mean nothing to them.

They just want to live.

When the winners want to wipe them out of the way,

God please protect peace.

We will not turn away. We will stand together –

God give us the strength to protect peace.


‘Please pray for peace for Ukraine’

The Church of England congregation in Kyiv, capital of Ukraine, has asked Anglicans to pray for peace.

A prayer to share - Lichfield Diocesan Prayer

"As we follow Christ in the footsteps of St Chad, we pray that the two million people in our diocese encounter a church that is confident in the gospel, knows and loves its communities, and is excited to find God already at work in the world.

We pray for a church that reflects the richness and variety of those communities.

We pray for a church that partners with others in seeking the common good, working for justice as a people of hope."

2021: A Prayer for Peace This Year

Father, I know that you are all-powerful, that you are Sovereign, and that nothing is too difficult for you. Yet today, I still struggle with worry and fear, still carrying the same burdens leftover from yesterday. It’s hard to shake it off even though I’m desperate to leave it fully in your hands. Please lift all the things that are weighing me down, right off shoulders and heavy heart, and give me the peace that only you can provide. I know that you care for whatever concerns me, and your ears are open to my prayers. I know that you understand my struggles, and you see right where I am, even on the days, I feel that no one notices. Guard my heart and mind in you today, as I meditate on your words and truth.

Source: Christianity.com

Joint statement on climate change by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Pope Francis and Ecumenical Patriarch

Pope Francis, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and the Archbishop of Canterbury join together for the first time in urgent appeal for the future of the planet

For the first time, the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Anglican Communion have jointly warned of the urgency of environmental sustainability, its impact on poverty, and the importance of global cooperation.

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“When I Pray, Coincidences Happen…”

William Temple