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Our Overcoming Shocking Debt Work is funded by the National Lottery Communities Fund

Freelance Artist/Creative/Design professional sought for ‘Overcoming Shocking Debt’ Commission

Overcoming Shocking Debt (OSD) is a 10-month project, run by Transforming Communities Together (TCT), which addresses the financial vulnerability of people for whom a traumatic life event coincides with additional high expenditure. Examples of these communities of circumstance are bereaved families with the costs associated with funerals; couples splitting up with the costs of setting up another home; and those who have been caring for a relative when the Carer’s Allowance ceases.

We are seeking an Artist/Creative/Design professional to help us engage with people in these circumstances, designing graphic material which will attract their attention and speak to their situations. The project recognises that the emotional impact of such a traumatic life event makes it more difficult for those involved to make optimal financial choices, and hence they are additionally vulnerable to enter into unsustainable debt. It also recognises that when they are experiencing a traumatic life event, they might not actively seek help and so more orthodox (text-based) methods of engaging them might not work, hence the need to commission an Artist/Creative/ Designer to help.

Deadline = Noon 28th February 2020

Fee = up to £5,000
(All-inclusive VAT, travel and material costs.)

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