“The scale of modern slavery and human trafficking is increasing steadily and the threat is growing.”

National Crime Agency


If you suspect that you or someone you have come across may be an adult victim of modern slavery and in need of help, please contact The Salvation Army’s confidential and anonymous referral helpline on 0800 808 3733 – available 365 days a year, 24/7 with interpretation services where needed.

You can contact the Modern Slavery Helpline 24/7 on 0800 012 17 00 or visit www.modernslaveryhelpline.org/

If there is an immediate danger to the suspected victim or if you think that the suspected victim is under 18, inform the police and call 999 as a matter of urgency.

For anonymous reporting, you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 or visit their website.

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Partnering with The Children's Society

Transforming Communities Together are very proud to partner with The Children's Society. Our Board of Trustees Chair, The Right Reverend Sarah Bullock, Bishop of Shrewsbury, is an advocate for their amazing work and shared her experience of young people atrisk in urban Manchester as well as across rural Shropshire at the Keeping Young People Safe from the Risks of Exploitation webiar back in April.

The Children's Society's Disrupting Exploitation Programme team in Greater Manchester with support from CLIMB and Prevention have developed an online toolkit Working with Education to Protect Children and Young people from Exploitation.

For further information, to download the toolkit and further resources, click on the link below.

Hope at home Hosting

Explore Hosting

Hope at Home believe that no survivor of slavery should ever have to sleep on the streets. They train and support volunteer hosts to welcome a survivor into their homes, preventing homelessness and re-trafficking. They believe that everyone deserves the chance to find a hope and a future.

Find out more at the link below

Modern Slavery and Covid-19

The risk to victims of being unable to social distance is obvious, but the call for everybody to stay at home means the warning signs are more likely to go unseen.

Fewer of us are out and about and able to spot the signs and report suspicious activity.

The COVID-19 pandemic means new dangers are facing those kept in slavery and servitude and could have serious impacts on modern slavery in the UK via The Clewer Initiative
Modern Slavery Covid 19
MODERN SLAVERY AND COVID 19: What to look out for and how to get help via Home Office

Some somber facts:

  • There are over 40 million people across the world trapped in modern slavery.
  • It is the fastest growing illicit trade worldwide, second only to drugs in size at $150 billion a year.
  • The international organised criminal groups who prosper are highly sophisticated, ruthless and too often thriving in a vacuum.

Source: Justice and Care

136000 modern slaves

Modern slavery in the UK

It is estimated that the UK could have as many as 136,000 slaves

Source: Walk Free Global Slavery Index

"Modern slavery in the UK can take many forms, including forced sexual exploitation, domestic slavery or forced labour on farms, in construction, shops, bars, nail bars, car washes or manufacturing.

Forced labour is the most common form of slavery in the UK, fueled by a drive for cheap products and services, with little regard for the people behind them.

A growing form of slavery is trafficking into crime. In the UK, it’s fuelled by the trafficking of primarily British children, forced into ‘county lines’ drug trafficking and trafficking of Vietnamese nationals forced to work in cannabis production."

Source: www.antislavery.org/slavery-today/slavery-uk/

Modern Slavery Locally

Modern Slavery is an increasing issue across the Black Country, Staffordshire and northern Shropshire.

We're working with partners to highlight this problem and tackle it.


  • We currently Acting Chair the Wolverhampton and Walsall Anti-Slavery Partnership (WASP)
  • We are also delighted to be partnering with Lichfield Diocese Mothers Union
  • We're also working with the National Lottery Community Fund to build on existing partnerships in the Black Country and beyond.
  • We are also members of the Victim And Witness Commissioning and Development Board (VAWCDB), Chaired by Sue Arnold - Deputy Staffordshire Police and Crime Commissioner
  • TCT are the main link between Lichfield Diocese and the Clewer Initiative, the Church of England's response to Modern Slavery.

Criminal Exploitation Reduction Network (CERN)

We're also working with the National Lottery Community Fund to build on existing partnerships in the Black Country and beyond and create a deployable resource for partners.

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Modern Slavery & Faith

  • We work with churches and other faith groups to see how their scriptures point to action on Modern Slavery.
  • This includes preaching at local churches and training up faith leaders and faith group members.
  • We have also produced a series of videos called 'Hidden in Plain Sight' which allows Christians to explore issues of Modern Slavery and justice.


We are also using podcasts to raise awareness to a wide audience.

Raising awareness

After careful listening to those directly involved in some of the issues we face today in our communities, TCT partners with others on key campaigns which raise awareness and magnify their grassroots voices we are hearing.


  • We provide training and support to Churches, charities and other organisations to recognise and report concerns about modern slavery and safeguard potential victims.
  • by the end of 2019, we had interacted with more than 1,400 people to raise awareness of this evil crime.
  • We provide a wide range of talks, training sessions and sermons, which are tailored to each organisation, church or faith group.

Want to find out more? Watch the video and use the button below to book.

Want to train all of your volunteers / staff? Please see our flyers for more information:

Apps to fight Modern Slavery

Safe Car Wash app

Working closely with colleagues at the Diocese of Lichfield, we have been heavily involved in promoting the Clewer Safe Car Wash app.

    • In Lichfield Diocese, in the first three months after launch, there were over 100 reports through the Safe Car Wash app. They have been shared with local police, to add to their intelligence picture as they tackle modern slavery in the region.
    Safe Car Wash App Info
    Why not download the free app now?

    Farm Work Welfare app

    Staff at the Lichfield Diocese Mothers' Union and Transforming Communities Together have endorsed the Farm Work Welfare app from the Clewer Initiative helping farmers and farm workers understand their rights and responsibilities and protect or report abuses relating to modern slavery.

    The Farm Work Welfare App has been launched by the Clewer Initiative, to help both farmers and workers understand the current rules and the signs to look out for to promote worker welfare. It translates into eight languages including Albanian, Mandarin, Lithuanian and Vietnamese - and is available for Android phones and now Apple devices too. Like the Safe Car Wash App, it also contains a reporting tool. Farm businesses, workers or local people can use it to flag up concerns, suspicions or seek help. The information gathered will be processed by the Modern Slavery Helpline and help identify hot spots, enable criminal investigations and most importantly, support victims.

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    The Farm Work Welfare App is available on Android and Apple devices

    Published: 3rd May 2019

    Updated: 22nd June 2021

    Main image credit: Toa Heftiba via Unsplash

    It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

    Galations 5:1 ‭NIV‬