Partnership is key to all that we do, especially in the area of Modern Slavery. The Mothers’ Union in the Diocese of Lichfield (MU) is sponsoring TCT to deploy a Modern Slavery Campaigner.

See our Introduction video below, or scroll down for more information and content.

Published 22nd January 2020

Updated 27th November 2021

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Debbie Huxton

Debbie Huxton - our Modern Slavery Campaigner with Lichfield Diocese Mother's Union

In 2020 we started an innovative partnership with the Lichfield Diocese Mothers' Union

This three year part-time post will deliver a campaign against Modern Slavery in parishes across the Diocese of Lichfield.

TCT supports and manages Debbie Huxton as the Lichfield Diocese Mothers' Union Modern Slavery Campaigner.

Modern Slavery Participant Quote
Participant Feedback

Recent developments

Partnering to tackle exploitation of young people.

This is sadly on the rise, so we recently partnered with the Children's Society to raise awareness. Read more via the button below:

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Tackling Modern Slavery and exploitation together! Debbie with colleagues from (L to R) Lichfield Cathedral, West Midlands Police Violence Reduction Unit, Blue Bear Coffee and The Children’s Society - September 2021
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Raising awareness on the radio

TCT have a monthly slot with Chris Allen from WCR radio. This month our Modern Slavery Campaigner, Debbie Huxton, spoke to Chris about her vital work in raising awareness of this terrible problem that affects each and every one of our communities.

MS awareness for instagram TCT

Online Awareness Training

Debbie, our Modern Slavery Campaigner with Lichfield Diocese Mother's Union, runs regular online awareness training via Zoom.

Please see our EVENTS PAGE for dates and booking details.

Expanding our work!

Thanks to generous funding from the National Lottery Communities Fund and CAF in 2019, we were able to expand our work!

CAF and Lottery


We've launched a podcast - Focus on Modern Slavery!

The more people can recognise and report modern slavery, the more effectively we can safeguard victims and bring the traffickers to justice. Slavery may be closer to you than you think. There could be victims of exploitation working in domestic servitude or forced labour on your street.

We want to use this podcast to raise awareness and empower our listeners by informing, sharing and educating through the interviews, discussions and conversations we will share with you.

We want to continue to encourage one another that together, what ever circumstance we find ourselves in, we can change the narrative from one of indifference to making a difference!

Let us be courageous together and talk about modern slavery.

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Awareness Videos

During the current Coronavirus restrictions, our team are exploring new ways to raise awareness of Modern Slavery and support action. The first is through a series of videos, entitled 'Hidden in Plain Sight'

#1 - Hidden in Plain Sight - Holy Week Modern Slavery Reflection

Our Modern Slavery Campaigner with the Lichfield Diocese Mothers’ Union and the Clewer Initiative reflects on Modern Slavery through the lens of Holy Week, Passover and the Coronavirus.

#2 - Hidden in Plain Sight - Prayer

During Covid 19, how can we still impact Modern Slavery? Debbie starts with prayer.

#3 - Hidden in Plain Sight - Where would Jesus shop?

How does the money we spend and the choices we make protect people from #modernslavery? In our latest video, Debbie explores Fairtrade and what the Bible says about Justice and preventing exploitation of workers.

#4 - Hidden In Plain Sight - Called To Justice

In the Bible, God is known for His love and compassion, but we don’t often talk of His love for Justice. Debbie explores more in this episode.

#5 - Hidden in Plain Sight - Safer Carwashes

Despite the lockdown hand car washes are starting to reopen. Are the workers there being exploited? Are they victims of Modern Slavery? How can you tell? Debbie shares about the ‘Safe Car Wash’ app from our friends at the Clewer Initiative.

#6 - Hidden in Plain Sight - Engaging in Biblical Justice

In this latest video, TCT’s Modern Slavery Campaigner with Lichfield Diocese Mother’s’ Union explores the theme of Biblical Justice and how it invites Christians to be at the forefront of safeguarding victims and tackling Modern Slavery.

#7 - Hidden in Plain Sight - What’s MY slavery footprint?

In today’s video, Debbie encourages us to find out our slavery footprint 👣. Our lifestyle and how we spend our money affects many people. Through this simple website, Debbie encourages us to be thoughtful about where we spend our money and what we spend it on, so that we are not contributing to the exploitation of fellow humans.

Find out more about our Modern Slavery work at

Find your slavery footprint at

#8 - A call to action! #unlockthedoors - Hidden in Plain Sight

We’re delighted to be supporting Justice and Care in their #unlockthedoors campaign - a cause that needs to be sounded out loud and clear!

#9 - Speaking out against injustice - Hidden in Plain Sight

Debbie speaks on the importance of speaking out when we see injustice, with reference to Isaiah 58, Proverbs 31 and Martin Luther King Jnr.

Modern Slavery Awareness Training

Modern Slavery awareness for churches and the community. Everyone welcome!

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Debbie and the group from Coven Mothers Union - 19th Feb 2020

Mothers Union in the Diocese of Lichfield

Lichfield Diocese Mothers Union have generously funded this part time, three year role, which seeks to train up and empower the 78 groups and over 1000 members to recognise signs of Modern Slavery and exploitation and respond. Using a wide toolkit and TCT's existing Modern Slavery partners, Debbie will enable local groups to safely form action plans that match the skills, talents and interests of that group and that impacts Modern Slavery in their area.

The Diocese of Lichfield is diverse in its many communities across 1,700 square miles, from the Welsh border to the West Midlands conurbation, to Tamworth on the Leicester and Birmingham borders and to the Staffordshire Moorlands at the Derbyshire border, including the urban areas of Stoke-on-Trent and parts of the Black Country. Mothers’ Union therefore has to adapt locally to the situations we face, including the evil that is Modern Slavery.

The biggest UK case of Modern Slavery, with an estimated 400 victims who were forced to work for just 50p per day happened within our Diocese. Read more via Sky News. This highlights the need for us all to be alert and aware.

We’re delighted to be able to offer free Modern Slavery awareness training to every parish in the Lichfield Diocese, thanks to generous funding from Lichfield Diocese Mothers Union. We’ll also show how everyone can contribute to work against Modern Slavery, through:

  • prayer
  • raising awareness
  • reporting suspicious activity
  • supporting groups already working with victims
  • becoming practically involved with existing work

Apps to tackle Modern Slavery

Safe Car Wash app

Working closely with colleagues at the Diocese of Lichfield, we have been heavily involved in promoting the Clewer Safe Car Wash app.

    • In Lichfield Diocese, in the first three months after launch, there were over 100 reports through the Safe Car Wash app. They have been shared with local police, to add to their intelligence picture as they tackle modern slavery in the region.
    Safe Car Wash App Info
    Why not download the free app now?

    Read more

    Download the app

    Farm Work Welfare app

    Staff at the Lichfield Diocese Mothers' Union and Transforming Communities Together have endorsed a new app from the Clewer Initiative helping farmers and farm workers understand their rights and responsibilities and protect or report abuses relating to modern slavery.

    The Farm Work Welfare App has been launched by the Clewer Initiative, to help both farmers and workers understand the current rules and the signs to look out for to promote worker welfare. It translates into eight languages including Albanian, Mandarin, Lithuanian and Vietnamese - and is available for Android phones and now Apple devices too.

    Like the Safe Car Wash App, it also contains a reporting tool. Farm businesses, workers or local people can use it to flag up concerns, suspicions or seek help. The information gathered will be processed by the Modern Slavery Helpline and help identify hot spots, enable criminal investigations and most importantly, support victims.

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    The Farm Work Welfare App is available on Android and Apple devices

    Find out more / Download

    Day 16 of 16 days of activism against gender based violence

    Debbie supported last years 16 days of activism against gender based violence with a series of different videos.

    Bishop Michael

    "The Church is in a unique place to play a key role in setting people free from slavery - literally in this case - by working more closely with others. It is a privilege to be at the centre of this important project that will help local churches support victims and identify signs of exploitation in the communities they are at the heart of.”

    Bishop Michael Ipgrave - Bishop of Lichfield

    Evil of modern slavery hidden in communities in plain sight

    “The evil of modern slavery is coming into sharp focus as we start to grasp how it is hidden in our communities in plain sight. We are talking about real people trapped in exploitation, often with nowhere to turn. As followers of Jesus we cannot turn away from our neighbour who may be in need.“

    - Bishop of Lichfield Right Revd Dr Michael Ipgrave