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Published: 9th July 2019

Updated: 24th September 2021

Get help with your finances as soon as possible if you are finding it tough

The Money Helper Debt Advice Locator Tool lists organisations that provide free help to people and hold an accredited quality standard:

Dudley's 'Worrying About Money?' leaflet

Dudley's 'Worrying About Money?' leaflet has been co-designed to help people experiencing financial insecurity


Our current work has changed quite a lot due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Our Covid-19 response:

In response to Covid-19, our work has changed to focus almost exclusively on equipping people to understand the new help and support available for their finances in these difficult times.

This is mainly based on THREE main areas of work:

1) Covid Cash Recovery (CCR)

the Covid Cash Recovery course is a free, non-advisory information/signposting workshop that aims to prevent financial challenges posed by Coronavirus from creating crisis in local communities.

TCT co-designed CCR with: Compassionate Communities (previously Capital Mass) and the Just Finance Foundation

CCR aims to prevent the financial challenges posed by the Coronavirus from causing crisis in local communities.

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    Covid Cash Recovery course participant quote.
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    Our Virtual Coffee Mornings are taking a short break

    Please email us for more information -

    3) Reset the Debt

    TCT are campaigning for a fresh start for families in Britain swept into debt by Covid-19.

    Pre Covid-19, our financial resilience work covered eight different areas:

    These are:

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    1) Teaching Financial Skills

    We organise sessions to teach people about budgeting and money management, and to help build their financial confidence.

    We run the Cash Smart Credit Savvy programme across the Black Country.

    Important Programme Update:

    Due to the Coronavirus, the Just Finance Foundation have incorporated elements of Cash Smart Credit Savvy into our COVID Cash Course, tailoring and updating the content so it is relevant for the current climate.

    If you wish to be trained to deliver a workshop on budgeting, saving and entitlements, then we recommend you sign up for a COVID Cash Course train-the-trainer session.

    We also run this regularly in partnership with whg, one of the Midlands leading providers of high quality homes (owning and managing around 21,000 properties across the Midlands).

    Cash Smart Credit Savvy was co-produced by our team and covers five key themes:

    1. Savvy Shopping
    2. Building a Budget
    3. Credit and Loans
    4. Debt
    5. Savings
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    2) Explaining Universal Credit

    We also co-produced the UCSavvy resource to support and equip people in navigating the complexities of welfare changes.

    This is also run regularly in partnership with whg, as well as running session with locla partners and DWP.

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    Some feedback from a recent Cash Smart Credit Savvy course (September 2019)


    This video explores the partnership between our Just Finance Black Country work and local community hub The THOMAS Project.

    3) Raising awareness of Loan Sharks

    Loan sharks operate illegally, without the correct permissions from the Financial Conduct Authority. These criminals usually appear friendly at first but quickly trap their borrowers into spiralling debt. As the debts can’t legally be enforced, many lenders will resort to the most extreme methods to collect money from victims.

    We raise awareness of this by partnering with the England Illegal Money Lending Team (IMLT).

    We have run a number of training sessions across the Black Country, and are currently working with councils and other local groups to sign up to an anti-loan shark charter to stop unscrupulous lenders taking advantage of vulnerable people.

    So far, we have worked with City of Wolverhampton Council (see the video below) and Sandwell Council (click on the button for more info).

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    The signing of the Wolverhampton Stop Loan Sharks Charter

    4) Promoting Credit Unions, ethical savings and payroll saving

    Levels of savings in the West Midlands are very low, with 55% of people have less than £100 in savings. Debt can quickly result but we want to prevent this!

    We're delighted to be working with Black Country Chamber of Commerce and all four Credit Unions across the Black Country to launch a Payroll Savings Campaign.


    5) Teaching Financial Skills in Primary Schools

    With our partners the Just Finance Foundation, we run the LifeSavers financial education programme for primary schools. This equip children with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to manage money well.

    So far, we have run half day cpd sessions for teachers across all four Black Country areas.

    6) Tackling the stigma around money, and starting money conversations

    Jesus Money is a simple resource to start conversations about money, co-designed by people in communities across the Black Country and produced by TCT, Lichfield Diocese and the Just Finance Foundation

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    7) Pensions Made Easy

    A workshop designed to help people understand pensions and save for their retirement.

    Pension wise is free and impartial government guidance about your defined contribution pension options.

    Why not book a free Pension Wise appointment now?

    * Please note, none of our team are able to give advice *

    (Top Photo by Colin Watts on Unsplash)

    “I was a bit worried about Universal Credit, but now I feel more confident and I know what I need to do.”

    whg Customer Lisa, who attended a UCSavvy session