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How can we enable people to talk about money?

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People gathering in All Saints, West Bromwich for the Sandwell Jesus Money launch

Talking about money isn’t easy.

As we have been working across the Black Country, we discovered how much of a taboo subject money can be. In churches, in communities, with neighbours, friends and family, people are reluctant to talk about money.

It’s good to talk....

Talking about money is often the first way to start building financial resilience.

We teamed up with colleagues from Lichfield Diocese, the Just Finance Foundation and Together network colleagues to develop this new resource.

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Co-production was vital to this process. We involved a range of local and national stakeholders including:

  • local residents
  • church congregations
  • church leaders
  • Just Finance Foundation
  • Together Network colleagues

Questions were tested and refined, creating a simple and effective set of thought-provoking questions across four topic areas: SPEND, GIVE, SAVE, BORROW.

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How it works:

  • Gather in groups of 3-4.
  • Shuffle the pack, turn over the top card, and start talking.
  • When you are ready, turn over the next card.
  • There are no right answers, just good conversations.
  • The basic pack contains 52 cards, with open questions on how we give, save, borrow and spend.There are 12 extra cards for church groups to include.
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Jesus and Money

Jesus talked more about money than any topic except the kingdom of God. Jesus typically taught in parables—and 11 of His 40 parables were about money or used money as a way to teach. Throughout the Gospels, Jesus uses money as a tool to reveal our true priorities. If you think about it, our bank statement tells the truth about what's really important to us. Read more here.

What did people think?

One of our attendees said:

"These cards are a novel and interesting way to get people to think about the issues that we all face where money is involved. They make for interesting reading and they have been well thought out. Well done!"

Buy your set

Our team can let you have a pack at the launch price of £6.00 (£10.00 if P&P is required)

Want to run your own Jesus Money event

Our team can come to you and demonstrate how to use a Jesus Money.

Just get a few people together and get in touch!

Need help?

If you need help with your money, you’re not alone! There is lots of FREE help and advice out there to help you back on track. The JFF Money First Aid Kit is a great place to start.

‘There is a lot around about the fact that people often find it hard to talk about money, but I found Jesus Money really helpful as a resource to stimulate honest and light-hearted conversations based on people’s experiences with a variety of financial issues. It can be used both inside and outside of churches, and I would say that it is best suited to coffee-table discussions in small groups.’

Jesus Money participant