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Hate Crime

Hate related matters are any incidents or crimes perceived by the victim or others to be motivated by prejudice. It includes disability, gender identity, race, religion and sexual orientation

Listening to communities and residents

During a lot of our work listening to what matters to people in their communities, racism and other forms of hate crime are often expressed as something preventing people flourishing. This was especially prevelant in our Real People Honest Talk conversations and during our Covid-19 work with BAME communities. It is therefore a vital part of TCT's work.

Victims and witnesses of hate crimes and hate incidents often find it difficult to report the matter directly to the police. But they may feel more comfortable talking to other ‘third party’ community organisations.

Staff and volunteers within these third party reporting centres have been trained to help victims and witnesses to submit a report to the police, or can make a report on their behalf.

We are working with Safer Wolverhampton, Victim Support West Midlands and West Midlands Police to raise awareness and create more Third Party Reporting Centres in Wolverhampton.

We've also been working with Lichfield Diocese and St Peter's Church to raise awareness within the Christian community, so people can be more aware and provide support.

Hate Crime Awareness Week 2020

We are working with Safer Wolverhampton and Victim Support West Midlands on an intensified campaign to raise awareness during Hate Crime Awareness Week 2020. This is an online campaign (due to the current Covid-19 restrictions) and will also build on the 4 online awareness sessions already run with Victim Support West Midlands.

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