Building on good work across the four Boroughs to tackle Modern Slavery

The Modern Slavery Project is a short-term 6-month development project funded by the Community Fund. Its aim is to develop, grow and formalise a partnership in the Black Country of statutory organisations (including the Police, criminal justice system and local authorities), businesses, voluntary sector, faith sector and community groups to tackle modern slavery.

Criminal exploitation is so pervasive in our society, that it needs to be challenged at every level.

Criminal Exploitation Reduction Network (CERN)

Out friends at West Midlands Anti-Slavery Network, have created an effective partnership, that brings together statutory sector agencies and some third-sector organisations to tackle modern slavery. There is currently no mechanism to coordinate the contributions of the voluntary, faith and community sector, alongside these established partnerships.

A new way of working

The Criminal Exploitation Reduction Network (CERN) will address this in the West Midlands, bringing together groups across the voluntary sector working to reduce modern slavery.

CERN will resource groups to raise public awareness of modern slavery, including clear guidance to empower people on what actions can be taken.

Partners in local authorities and law enforcement will also be able to deploy CERN workers and partners to focus awareness raising in specific localities. This will be based on the intellegence they have received.

CERN workers will then provide a bespoke approach to inform and empower specific communities, faith groups, organisations and businesses and feedback to local authorities and law enforcement.

“Nearly two hundred years after Britain formally abolished slavery, the terrible crime of holding another human being enslaved is still widespread here. Modern slavery is hidden from view even though it is all around us.”

— Lord William Hague


You can contact the Modern Slavery Helpline 24/7 on 0800 012 17 00 or visit

If there is an immediate danger to the suspected victim or if you think that the suspected victim is under 18, inform the police and call 999 as a matter of urgency.

For anonymous reporting, you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 or visit their website.

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