We're excited to be working with partners to continue to equip and empower people to support their community to thrive and flourish via online training!

Online events and training sessions / workshops are a key part of our work.

Each week we create a menu of events and trainings to equip you to serve your community and wrestle with difficult issues like poverty, community cohesion and modern slavery during lockdown.

This page is updated regularly, so keep checking for the latest sessions.

* Page updated 18th Sept 2020 *

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Online events from Transforming Communities Together and our partners

Events for the week beginning 21st September:

Wednesday 23rd September

Instagram Hidden in plain sight
TCT Modern Slavery Awareness Training

Hidden in Plain Sight


Modern Slavery awareness for churches and the community. Everyone welcome!

Modern Slavery is present in every major town and city.

We want to create a communities that are safe for all and where everyone can thrive and flourish.

To do this, we need to equip churches, faith groups, charities and residents to know how to recognise Modern Slavery in their community and how to respond, in a way that safeguards them and those exploited by this horrific crime.

This training will be led by Debbie Huxton. She is a Modern Slavery Campaigner, employed by Transforming Communities Together and funded by Lichfield Diocese Mothers’ Union in partnership with the Clewer Initiative.


Online via Zoom


23rd & 30th September


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TCT and Victim Support - raising awareness of Hate Crime and how to act

Free hate crime online awareness training (via Skype)

This online workshop is an introduction to hate crime, covering the impact that hate crime has both on the individual and the wider community, as well as exploring the different reporting and support options available

23rd September - 10:00 to 11:30am & 14:00 to 15:30

Thursday 24th September

TCT and Just Finance Foundation - Covid Cash


COVID Cash Recovery is a free 2-hour course which upskills churches, charities and community workers to help individuals recover from the financial problems that have arisen due to the coronavirus.

COVID Cash Recovery is an information and signposting course; the course covers everything from general entitlements, rights, government and charitable support, budgeting, help with bills, loans, debt, and money strategies for making it through these next few months.

The information and resources we provide through the ‘train-the-trainer’ model allows trusted members of the local community to signpost, and provide accurate information, to people in a flexible, non-advisory manner.

Our team can then support you to deliver the training to those you have relationship with, allowing as many people as possible to be helped.


Online via Zoom


10:00 - 12:30

Copy of Virtual Coffee mornings

Virtual coffee mornings

Peer support sessions for those on the frontline supporting people with debt and money worries


Virtual Coffee Mornings for anyone supporting people with money worries.

If you are supporting people who have money worries or debt concerns you are welcome to drop in to our virtual coffee morning on Thursdays


Our virtual coffee morning every Thursday between 10:00-11:00am using Zoom.

They are a space for colleagues to take a few minutes out and have a chat over coffee, keep up-to-date developments and initiatives in the world of financial capability.

Even if you can only stay few minutes you are welcome!

These are hosted by Capital Mass (who aim to engage and support every parish in the Diocese of London in tackling poverty and the causes of poverty) and Transforming Communities Together

For more information contact Cassius.


Online via Zoom
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Our Near Neighbours team are supporting LGBT+ sparkle social group. 2pm every Thursday Join via Zoom: Meeting ID = 892-90000-0834

Looking Ahead

Black Country BAME Engagement Event bringing voluntary organizations together

Monday 28th September 2020 @ 11:00 - 12:30

Black Country BAME engagement event

This webinar will be focusing on the impact of COVID 19 on the BAME communities

Due to the disproportionate impact of COVID 19 on the BAME staff, patients and communities, Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust appointed two new Community Development Workers as part of the Equality and Diversity Team.

This new initiative is to ensure we support the BAME patients and communities to have access to a sound framework of information, guidance and support on their resilience during Covid-19 pandemic.

The webinar will be focusing on the impact of COVID 19 on the BAME communities, what support network was beneficial and addressing the barriers that BAME individuals faced.

We will hearing from different voluntary sector across the Black Country to see how they have supported their communities during the COVID 19 and to focus on future developments within the ’New Normal’. we'll also discuss the possibility of a second wave and the winter pressures.


Talking about money isn’t easy!

Working across the Black Country, we discovered how much of a taboo subject money can be. In all communities people are reluctant to talk about it. We’ve worked with Diocese of Lichfield CofE, Church of England Diocese of Worcester, and Just Finance Foundation to create #JesusMoney to change this.

TCT - Modern Slavery videos for churches

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TCT - Focus on Modern Slavery podcast