Running events and training sessions / workshops are a key part of our work.

Online training: We're excited to be working with partners to continue to equip and empower people to support their community to thrive and flourish via online training!

*In line with the current Government advice, we are sadly postponing all of our face to face events at this time*

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Coronavirus: Helping people at a time of financial crisis

Coronavirus: Helping people at a time of financial crisis

Tue, 7th April 2020 | 10:00 – 12:00 BST

The Coronavirus has plunged so many previously "financially stable" people into money crisis: loss of jobs, businesses, income, worry about paying bills. Those who were already on low income with little financial resilience are in even worse a position.

Given that 4 in 10 of us have less than £100 in savings, many of us are either in this situation, or are supporting people in our parishes, communities, or friendship groups who are. And worry about money is very real, particualrly when this situation has come out the blue, with not time for planning or saving.

We want to respond to this need by offering training to churches and communities who are supporting people at this stressful time with money.

Our Just Finance Black Country Team are working with our colleagues Capital Mass to host a 2 hour webinar, with our two "financial capability" trainers Alison Tsang and Cassius Francis.

We are trialling this 2- hour session as an online webinar.

This is a rapidly evolving situation so the actual content is still being honed /amended but here's a rough idea of the basics we'll cover:

· Financial Shock: what you may be entitled to if your income has suddenly been cut; the benefit system, how to apply for Universal Credit

· Financial Future: Planning and budgeting, how to start if you've never budgeted; how to build in uncertainty to your budget

· Financial Help: Working out if you need to borrow; types of credit; where to go if you are in problem debt, the debt process

· Financial Worry: how to start conversations about money, dealing with stress; talking to those you owe money to; seeking help

We will try and cover what we can, and mostly this session will be signposting to useful resources and wisdom already out there. We'll send out resource links and information afterwards too.

We'll cover general information, and tips on money management, and looking at signposting. but please note we are not qualified money advisers, and so won't be able to answer specific individual questions or offer advice.

We will however be happy to take questions and if we don't know the answers, will do what we can to find out!

This is a pilot session and if useful we will look to develop a set of 4 more in depth sessions over coming weeks.

We'll run the session via Zoom and a link will be sent to you the day before via email.

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One to One (Voluntary Organisations) Income Generation Surgeries

One to One (Voluntary Organisations) Income Generation Surgeries

One of our #peopleofhope members Civil Society Consulting, have offered to do one to one sessions for charities / voluntary sector organisations in these difficult times.

They are prioritising charities in our area, along with Liverpool and Southwark Diocese.

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Faith & Finance Event

Each major Faith has different teachings on money. What are these and how can it increase financial resilience in the Black Country?

Tue, 21 April 2020 | 09:45 – 12:00 BST

Join us online to hear speakers from across many faith groups talking about how their attitudes to money and spending are influenced by their faith teachings.

There will be a chance to ask questions and to begin exploring how we can work TOGETHER to improve financial wellbeing across the Black Country.

Aim: Our aim is to bring people together from across the Black Country to:

1. Increase people’s knowledge of the different faith perspectives on money

2. Increase people’s understanding of different religions

3. Increase social cohesion by bringing people together

4. Explore how we can all work TOGETHER across communities and faith groups, to improve financial wellbeing across the Black Country.