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At Transforming Communities Together, we work alongside a wide range of groups in our community in a very hands-on way.

We work to tackle social inequality at ground level and your donation will really help us to continue this vital work.

Our initiatives always start local – created within each community and designed for them.

They start small, and then they grow. Some have even gone national, like the creation of Cash Smart Credit Savvy and UCSavvy.

Anyone managing on a tight budget will tell you how important the pennies are. It’s the same for donations! Whether it’s pennies or pounds, anything you give will make a big difference.

We work hard to spend our money wisely.

  • We are members of the Living Wage Foundation paying the UK Living Wage.
  • We also support local Black Country businesses wherever possible.

If you’d like to donate, please click on the button below for our Virgin Money Giving page.