TCT staff and volunteers have been privileged to receive some awards from our peers.

June 2021 - Support Staffordshire Volunteer Star Awards 2021

Congratulations to Gulsoom Aslam - WINNER of the East Staffordshire Personal Achievement Award for her excellent work volunteering at TCT to establish a Places of Welcome network in Burton!

Gulsoom aslam
TCT’s volunteer Places of Welcome Facilitator for Burton, the wonderful Gulsoom Aslam

Helen Titterton and Tamworth Places of Welcome were also runners up (Commended) in the Volunteer Team of the Year award category for their area!

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TCT’s Award winning former volunteer Gulsoom Aslam (2nd left) pictured with her 2020 TCT Places of Welcome colleagues - (L to R) Su Parker, Helen Titterton and Judith Parry.

January 2021 - Walsall for All

“Introducing Places of Welcome Walsall network, Promoting Inclusion Award Winner

At the time of the Walsall Community Recognition Awards, Walsall Places of Welcome included 24 Places of Welcome in 20 venues across Walsall, providing a local neighbourhood space where people can meet people, have conversations and share gifts and skills over a cup of tea and refreshments every week. Places of Welcome are part of a national network of local organisations and take place in a variety of locations including churches, community centres, mosques and temples.

As with many services during the Coronavirus pandemic, Places of Welcome were paused during the initial national lockdown. There is a need to support the existing Places of Welcome through the current Covid restrictions and enabling them, and new venues, to reopen when it is safe to do so.

Usually at a Place of Welcome, visitors are very quickly able to feel that they have somewhere to belong they can be signposted to other organisations where they can access further support, if necessary and they can regain a sense of purpose and motivation if that was lacking before. We have seen individuals coming along to a Place of Welcome for the first time, feeling lonely, struggling with loss, debt issues and mental health problems, etc. Then, very quickly, these individuals are transformed by the new connections and support on offer it is a real privilege to witness this.

As a result of the Places of Welcome being paused in Walsall because of the Coronavirus, Transforming Communities Together have launched a wonderful new pilot project, called Bringing People Together. This brand-new network for connection during Covid-19 connects people to others from the comfort of their own home, via online and telephone hosted meetings, through the shared principles of invitation, welcome and mutual respect.

New Bringing People Together groups are forming and launching, connecting people together from all backgrounds and areas.

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Walsall Community Recognition Award

March 2020

Partnership working award for our Financial Wellbeing work from Changing Lives

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