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As part of of work to help people and communities to thrive and flourish, we work with a number of media partners to celebrate the good work of groups in our local areas.

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Published: 9th June 2021

Updated: 31st January 2022

TCT’s media partner

We are delighted to have WCR FM (101.8fm) as TCT's media partner and TCT have a monthly slot with Chris Allen from WCR FM radio.

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TCT’s Near Neighbours worker - Shaz Akhtar with Chris Allen from WCR FM radio 📻

January 2022

The more people can recognise and report modern slavery, the more effectively we can safeguard victims and bring the traffickers to justice. At TCT we want to raise awareness, empowering our listeners by informing, sharing and educating through the interviews, discussions and conversations. We want to continue to encourage one another that together, we can change the narrative from indifference to making a difference!

Season 3 - Debbie Talks to Rosie-Venner & Bryn Lauder from ECCR

Season 3 - Debbie talks to Christian Guy, Chielf Executive of INternational anti-slavery NGO, Justice & Care

Debbie talks to Lara Bundock, CEO & Founder of the Snowdrop Project

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December 2021

TCT's Chief Officer, Adam Edwards, has been talking to Chris each Sunday morning throughout Advent about this special time in the Christian calendar. Adam will be joining Chris on his show every Sunday morning throughout Advent at 9.45am.

Advent 1: November 28th

Advent 2: 5th December

Advent 3: 12th December

Advent candles

October 2021


Sunday October 3rd:

TCT’s James Henderson shared about the upcoming Community Conversation - Restoration and Renewal of Houses of ParliamentA Community Conversation about making Westminster more inclusive and welcoming and more environmentally sustainable!

The opening of four Roman Catholic Places of Welcome, St Newman Cluster across Walsall and Wolverhampton

Four new Places of Welcome joined the network from the St Newman Cluster of Churches led by Lynne Richards, and supported by Father Craig Fullard. The four Places of Welcome open on different days of the week after Mass, but you do not have to attend Mass or indeed be of Roman Catholic faith to attend the Places of Welcome.

A full article appeared in the Express and Star in October celebrating the news.

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September 2021


TCT's Afghan Refugee support page mentioned @ 38 mins in plus promotion for our Let's Talk - Real conversations that make a difference event, focusing on how to stay safe and protect our children from the evils of criminal exploitation, human trafficking & modern slavery@ 46 mins
Listen Back via

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July 2021

Newspaper articles and being being highlighted on Radio WM Drive Time, July was a busy month!

Deputy Lieutenant shown welcoming spaces in scheme

The Deputy Lieutenant Visited various Places of Welcome on the Walsall area on 28/09/21; including St Matthews Church, Walsall

4th July 2021

Sarah Thorpe, our Dementia-Friendly Church Enabler, was involed in a recent Sunday Night Live programme focussing on "Faith in later Life" - its part of the Premier Christian Radio, broadcast via YouTube with Pam Rhodes. Pam did a super job of weaving together experiences of faith through dementia and pointing to things that continue to connect. The dementia-friendly church snippet comes in at 41-44 minutes. Watch the full broadcast below.

June 2021

TCT’s Mental Health Development Worker Rachel Moore chats to in conversation with Chris Allen.

May 2021

In May 2021, our Modern Slavery Campaigner, Debbie Huxton, spoke to Chris about her vital work in raising awareness of this terrible problem that affects each and every one of our communities.

Listen to Debbie’s interview below:

From time to time, we also work with other media organisations:

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The Church Times

11th June 2021

Our Dementia Friendly Churches worker - Sarah Thorpe recently contributed to an excellent article in the Church Times. She was joined by our former CEO and now TCT Ambassador Cannon Rev’d Dr David Primrose.

Here’s a small extract:

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St John’s, Chase Terrace, in the diocese of Lichfield, becomes the 250th Place of Welcome!

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JPIT ‘Politics in the Pulpit’

TCT’s Cassius Francis was the guest of Revd Beth Allison-Glenny, Public Issues Enabler for the Baptist Union of Great Britain

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Free Radio

June 2021

Cassius Francis is our Just Finance Development Worker and he recently spoke on FreeRadio about how 700,000 people have fallen into broadband bill debt during the Pandemic.

"There is still a lot of hidden debt that we're not yet seeing as a result of coronavirus. "People have found ways to survive - we still feel that there is going to be a significant increase in those who will need support, that perhaps are not even reflected in the figures."
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Lichfield City Life magazine

In June 2021 we had a full page article published in Lichfield City Life magazine which is delivered each month to 16,000 businesses and homes in Lichfield, Kings Bromley, Fradley, Alrewas, Whittington, Stonnall, Shenstone, Little Aston, Hammerwich, Burntwood and Longdon; the article is on page 60 of the current edition at Citylife in Lichfield June 2021 ( The article references our partnership and funding from Lichfield District Council and gives contact details of our Buddying Scheme with Support Staffordshire.

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Image photo credit Photo by Fringer Cat on Unsplash