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During the lockdown, we are exploing podcasts as new media to empowering people to explore issues of social action and justice.

* Updated 4th June 2020*

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We're delighted to have launched our new 'Focus on Modern Slavery'podcast to highlight Modern Slavery in the UK and beyond!

We’re delighted to launch a new podcast this week!!

It’s called ‘Focus on Modern Slavery’. The more people can recognise and report modern slavery, the more effectively we can safeguard victims and bring the traffickers to justice.

Slavery may be closer to you than you think. There could be victims of exploitation working in domestic servitude or forced labour on your street.

We want to use this podcast to raise awareness and empower our listeners by informing, sharing and educating through the interviews, discussions and conversations we will share with you.

We want to encourage one another that together, what ever circumstance we find ourselves in, we can change the narrative from one of indifference to making a difference!

Let us be courageous together and talk about modern slavery.

Listen to a short introduction by clicking below:

Faith and Finance event

Faith and Finance

This series of talks, recorded as part of our online 'Faith and Finance' workshop in April 2020, faith leaders for the Sikh, Muslim, Jewish and Christian faiths share how their faith view affects their values and practice with money.

This is an initiative co-designed by our Just Finance Black Country and Black Country Near Neighbours teams.