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Modern Slavery Videos

During the current Coronavirus restrictions, our team are exploring new ways to raise awareness of Modern Slavery and supporting action!

One way we are doing this is through a series of videos entitled 'Hidden in Plain Sight' - which is tailored for Christians to engage with the subject of Modern Slavery, but is of benefit for people of all faiths and none.

#9 - Speaking out against injustice - Hidden in Plain Sight

Debbie speaks on the importance of speaking out when we see injustice, with reference to Isaiah 58, Proverbs 31 and Martin Luther King Jnr.

#8 - Hidden in Plain Sight - A call to action! #unlockthedoors

We’re delighted to be supporting Justice and Care in their #unlockthedoors campaign - a cause that needs to be sounded out loud and clear!

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#7 - Hidden in Plain Sight - What is my slavery footprint?

In today’s #ModernSlaveryMondays video, Debbie encourages us to find out our slavery footprint 👣. Our lifestyle and how we spend our money affects many people. Through this simple website, Debbie encourages us to be thoughtful about where we spend our money and what we spend it on, so that we are not contributing to the exploitation of fellow humans.

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Find your slavery footprint at

#6 - Hidden in Plain Sight - Engaging in Biblical Justice

In this latest #ModernSlaveryMondays video, TCT’s Modern Slavery Campaigner with Lichfield Diocese Mother’s’ Union explores the theme of Biblical Justice and how it invites Christians to be at the forefront of safeguarding victims and tackling Modern Slavery.

#5 - Hidden in Plain Sight - Safer Carwashes

Despite the lockdown, hand car washes are starting to reopen. Are the workers there being exploited? Are they victims of Modern Slavery? How can you tell? Debbie shares about the ‘Safe Car Wash’ app from our friends at the Clewer Initiative #ModernSlaveryMondays

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#4 - Hidden in Plain Sight - Called to Justice

In the Bible, God is known for His love and compassion, but we don’t often talk of His love for Justice. Debbie explores more in this episode.

#3 - Hidden in Plain Sight - Where would Jesus shop?

How does the money we spend and the choices we make protect people from #modernslavery? In our latest video, Debbie explores Fairtrade and what the Bible says about Justice and preventing exploitation of workers

#2 - Hidden in Plain Sight - Prayer

During Covid 19, how can we still impact Modern Slavery? Debbie starts with prayer.

#1 - Hidden in plain sight - Holy Week Modern Slavery Reflection

Our Modern Slavery Campaigner with the Lichfield Diocese Mothers’ Union and the Clewer Initiative reflects on Modern Slavery through the lens of Holy Week, Passover and the Coronavirus.