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Health and Wellbeing

Good health and wellbeing is vital for everyone to thrive and flourish.

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Working together to tackle isolation

If you experience low mental wellbeing over a long period of time, you are more likely to develop a mental health problem. Everyone needs friendship and conversation, and to feel part of community, whatever they are living with.

Our Bringing People Together network is inspired and influenced by our learning from helping people set up Places of Welcome.

The National Lottery has funded Transforming Communities to pilot a 6 month project designed to connect people to others from the comfort of their own home.

Twitter take a break and breathe
During July, TCT is piloting Take a break and breathe to provide peer support to thiose serving on the frontline of communities and try to prevent burnout

Take a break and breathe

With lockdown, many people are supporting their communities more than ever, but who is supporting them??


At TCT, our first value is the need to listen. We have heard how hard those from churches, charities and other faith groups are working to support those in the community. As Lockdown continues, we wanted to invest in those leaders and volunteers who are doing so much to support people.

We are therefore trialling theses lunchtime get togethers for peer support.

We will start with a biblical reflection, have a chance to share with one another (normally around a specific topic) and then end with some biblical guided relaxation.

Anyone is welcome to join us, but we are using Eventbrite to ensure it is a safe space for all attending.


Online via Zoom


Every Monday lunchtime in July - 12:00 to 12:30


Book online via the button below

Beautiful Moments Podcast
In the hustle and bussle, how often do we take even a few moments to just pause and reflect? To help with this, we have set up 'Beautiful Moments', partnering with Beautiful Sisterhood.

Beautiful Moments

Somedays we all need encouraging. This podcast is for those days, beautiful moments of reflection and the occasional conversation to inspire and uplift you the listener.

In these short recordings, Debbie shares from her Christian Faith a message to bless and encourage people.

Mental Health First Aid - We need to get to grips with the idea that mental health is just as real and as important as physical health. The church has got a huge part to play. Mental Health First Aid talks about hope and recovery and incorporating people into communities and how that helps their recovery – churches can be the best place to start doing that. TCT is supporting the cascade of diocesan Mental Health First Aid training, and promoting the Time to Change Mental Health Employer’s Pledge.

Friendly Places: Mental Health

'Friendly Places' is an initative of Faith Action, which we support and that TCT has signed up to.

Faith Action state:

There is a significant and positive role for faith communities to play in the support of those with mental health problems – both within their own congregations and in the wider community. This stems from the position of faith groups as places of community, of meaning, and of connection.
By signing up to the Friendly Places Pledge, a faith group makes a commitment to be a place which welcomes and supports those struggling with their mental health. The downloadable copy available on this page contains the wording of the pledge along with a summary of our tips for being a friendly place.

Sign the Friendly Places Pledge

I believe that there is a significant and positive role for faith communities to play in the support of mental health.

I pledge to support faith groups in my community to become Friendly Places which welcome and support those struggling with their mental health.

Dementia Friendly Churches

Dementia affects many people. It brings very real challenges and changes over time. As dementia progresses, patterns of life change not just for the person with dementia but for those around them too. Many of us have direct experience of dementia – ourselves, a partner or a parent, a friend or a neighbour.

In the Diocese of Lichfield, we are committed to naming and facing dementia together, both acknowledging the change and the loss that it brings, and also affirming the life and love that can be shared on the path through dementia.

This video is one of four case-studies sponsored by Staffordshire University looking at the growth of Dementia-friendly Churches in the UK.

Places of Welcome

We’re committed to creating a network of safe places where anyone can connect, belong and contribute.

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“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

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