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TCT are delighted to be delivering COVID Cash Recovery: a free course which trains community leaders and organisations to deliver financial capability information remotely


COVID Cash Recovery is a free 2-hour course which upskills churches, charities and community workers to help individuals recover from the financial problems that have arisen due to the coronavirus.

COVID Cash Recovery is an information and signposting course covering:

  • General entitlements
  • Rights
  • Government and charitable grants
  • Budgeting
  • Help with bills
  • Loans
  • Debt
  • Money strategies for making it through these next few months

The information and resources we provide through the ‘train-the-trainer’ model allows trusted members of the local community to signpost, and provide accurate information, to people in a flexible, non-advisory manner – allowing those trained to reach and help as many people as possible.

Participant Quote Covid Cash July 2021
A participant quote from July 2021
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Extract from the April 2021 impact report

We are just pausing our delivery, but we have a waiting list of people wanting to take part - please contact info@tctogether.org.uk

How it is delivered?

We deliver the course over ZOOM either as a general session or as a ‘group session’ where people at your organisation can get trained (for free!) all at once.

What about if lockdown changes won’t our training be out of date?

As we move out of lockdown, our resources are regularly updated to reflect changes to legislation or support as they happen. Once you are trained, you receive a password which gives you access to all of the resources and materials you need to keep up-to-date and continue to support members of your community!

    Who developed Covid Cash?

    Covid Cash was co-designed as an information and signposting intervention with our Development and Just Finance Black Country team, alongside colleagues from Capital Mass and the Just Finance Foundation. It aims to prevent the financial challenges posed by the Coronavirus from causing crisis in local communities.

    Can you help me to deliver?

    YES! Once you have attended the course, one of our team members - Cassius, Gurj or Jon is then able to co deliver with you, as you support the people you have relationship with!

    What have attendees said?

    “COVID Cash Course has really raised the level of support I can provide at my church. Thank you for this useful webinar and resources”

    “I’d like to say that I found your ‘Training the trainers’ session really useful. It was jam-packed with up-to-date information (which was changing very rapidly) and the discussions with others from around the country proved to be really valuable as it helped to not only understand different people’s contexts, but I felt like I was not alone and part of a larger group of people looking to help be ‘part of a solution’.”

    “The facilitators were very knowledgeable and able to answer all the queries asked. It was good to have a mixture of people from across the country with different experiences. The links to online tools is particularly useful, and good that some can be printed off to show people to reduce some of the fear factors.”


    We are not offering training in regulated financial advice

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    Our Impact - Extract from the April 2021 impact report
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    Do you charge for co-delivery or for the course?

    NO, thanks to generous funding from Allchurches Trust and the Heart of England Community Foundation, we are able to provide all this support for free!

    Published 18th May 2020 | Last updated 30th July 2021

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    PARTICIPANT FEEDBACK & IMPACT: It’s lovely when we get feedback about the difference our Covid Cash Recovery course is making to people’s lives!
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    Extract from the April 2021 impact report