Movement for change

After careful listening to those directly involved in some of the issues we face today in our communities, TCT partners with others on key campaigns which raise awareness and magnify their grassroots voices we are hearing.

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📷 Credit - Bluehouse Skis via Unsplash

Current Campaigns

There are a number of current campaigns you can join with us on:

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#Unlockthedoors campaign graphic


We’re delighted to be working with Justice and Care to raise awareness of Modern Slavery during lockdown.

#unlockthedoors is a brilliant way for churches and others to ensure that the issue of human trafficking is not forgotten.

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#ThinkModernSlavery June Campaign graphic


The #ThinkModernSlavery campaign is happening across Walsall and Wolverhampton, raising awareness of Modern Slavery. The WASP (Wolverhampton and Walsall Anti-Slavery Partnership) which TCT currently Chairs, is running this campaign.

We co-produce some suggested text that you can use and graphics, which highlights a particular local issue involving Modern Slavery to share.

We hope other local authorities and partners will join in.

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#ThinkModernSlavery July Campaign graphic
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Paperchains Campaign information

Paperchains Campaign

We’re delighted to be supporting the Paperchains campaign, alongside national charities like Inside Time, Big Issue and SSAFA.

We want to give a voice to those not always heard - prisoners, those experiencing homelessness and those serving in the armed services via shared poems, drawings and feelings.



We’re partnering with others across the nation to share stories and top tips for supporting people and communities - the #peopleofhope movement.

Published 5th June | Updated 15th July