Movement for change

After carefully listening to those directly involved in some of the major poverty and justice issues we face today in our communities, TCT partners with others on key campaigns which raise awareness and magnify the grassroots voices we are hearing.

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Current campaigns



From early October the UK government is planning to cut £20 a week from Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit payments. 

We need your help to build public pressure and ask the government to keep this crucial lifeline.

If it is taken away, it will be a devastating blow for households who are already struggling to make ends meet, potentially pushing over a million people claiming Universal Credit through the doors of food banks from October. 

We’re are asking our network to urge the UK government to choose to protect people when they need support and not cut them adrift.   

Reset The Debt

A fresh start for families in Britain swept into debt by Covid-19

An estimated six million people in the UK have fallen behind on one or more household bill as a result of Covid-19, with the biggest increases in debt amongst the poorest households.

People who were previously able to keep their head above water are now in severe difficulty. Others, who had been just staying afloat, now face being overwhelmed by circumstances entirely beyond their control.

This is an urgent problem that demands a solution. It is not right that those with the fewest resources should bear the heaviest burden of the lockdown, potentially for years to come.

Now is the time for a solution to be found.

We believe people swept into debt by Covid-19 now need a Jubilee. It’s time to #ResetTheDebt.

Reset The Debt is a campaign launched by the Baptist Union, the Church of Scotland, Church Action on Poverty, the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church.

The campaign grew out of their listening and learning to communities during the lockdown of 2020, as part of the Gleanings project. It heard that debt was becoming an increasing problem for households and communities across the UK.

TCT are delighted to be one of a number of other organisations, supporting this campaign and we’re proud to add our voices to call for change.

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A message from our CEO Rev Dr David Primrose in support of #ResetTheDebt

Watch the webinar featuring our very own Cassius Francis!

Previous Campaigns

TCT has been invited in mobilising people to support the following campaigns for change:

School Breakfast Bill

6 children in every class of 30 are at risk of starting the day too hungry to learn. The School Breakfast Bill will provide disadvantaged schools the support they require to provide a free school breakfast to children at risk of hunger.

TCT was delighted to support and raise awareness of Magic Breakfast's campaign, asking MP's to support the Bill using a simple form

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#Unlockthedoors campaign graphic


We’re delighted to be working with Justice and Care to raise awareness of Modern Slavery during lockdown.

#unlockthedoors is a brilliant way for churches and others to ensure that the issue of human trafficking is not forgotten.

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#ThinkModernSlavery June Campaign graphic


The #ThinkModernSlavery campaign is happening across Walsall and Wolverhampton, raising awareness of Modern Slavery. The WASP (Wolverhampton and Walsall Anti-Slavery Partnership) which TCT currently Chairs, is running this campaign.

We co-produce some suggested text that you can use and graphics, which highlights a particular local issue involving Modern Slavery to share.

We hope other local authorities and partners will join in.

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#ThinkModernSlavery July Campaign graphic
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Paperchains Campaign information

Paperchains Campaign

We’re delighted to be supporting the Paperchains campaign, alongside national charities like Inside Time, Big Issue and SSAFA.

We want to give a voice to those not always heard - prisoners, those experiencing homelessness and those serving in the armed services via shared poems, drawings and feelings.



We’re partnering with others across the nation to share stories and top tips for supporting people and communities - the #peopleofhope movement.

Published 5th June 2020 | Updated 12th August 2021