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Supporting people and communities to thrive and flourish!

Our goal is to empower churches and other faith groups, individuals, groups and communities to respond effectively to the issues of poverty and social justice that they encounter.

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Some of the TCT team
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We're proud to be a Living Wage employer!

Our work is all about supporting people and communities to thrive and flourish. This ethos begins with our staff, who are by far our most important assests.

This is just one of the ways we can support and nuture them, as they fulfil their vocations to reach out and make a difference.

Times are hard for people and communities. We work to empower individuals and groups to practically make a difference.

We actively partner with a wide range of churches, other faith groups, charities and civic society to improve lives and empower community-building.

Our work helps to build up people and communities by:

* Encouraging the voice of those affected to be heard

* Empowering individuals and groups to practically make a difference.

* Focusing on people’s skills and talents

* Celebrating what is good

We were formed in 2014, a Joint Venture between the Diocese of Lichfield and the Church Urban Fund Together Network.

Our work takes an Asset Based approach in four main areas:

  1. Social and Financial Inclusion
  2. Health And Wellbeing
  3. Community Cohesion
  4. Developing Work
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We have four key values that guide all of our work:

  1. Listening: This is the most import place to start. Enabling people to be heard is at the heart of our work. We believe that residents have to best ideas in knowledge to enable their communities to flourish.
  2. Partnership: This is key to everyone thriving and flourishing, as no one person or organisation has all the answers and resources.
  3. Celebrating: Excellent things are happening in communities and we can be a voice to magnify this!
  4. Empowering: People want to be part of making the change happen, so we can provide training and encouragement, advice and support to encourage this to happen!

Our team

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CEO: Rev Dr David Primrose

Transforming Church and Community Enabler at Lichfield Diocese | Black Country

Shaz Akhtar Black Country Near Neighbours Coordinator

Shaz Akhtar

Black Country Near Neighbours Coordinator | Black Country

07530 741923 Email
Cassius cropped

Rev Cassius Francis

Just Finance Development worker | Black Country

07891 611760 Email
Gurj Shergill

Gurj Shergill

Overcoming Shocking Debt Development Worker

07519 910830 Email
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Debbie Huxton

Modern Slavery Campaigner with Lichfield Diocese Mothers' Union & The Clewer Innitative

07377 511656 Email
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James Henderson

Senior Development Worker

07946 771495 Email
Helen 2a

Helen Titterton

Places of Welcome Team Leader | Staffordshire

07539 031410 Email
Su Parker 2

Su Parker

Places of Welcome Facilitator – Black Country & Black Country Dementia Friendly Churches Enabler | Black Country

Gulsoom aslam

Gulsoom Aslam

Burton Places of Welcome Facilitator | Burton

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Sarah Thorpe

Northern Shropshire Dementia Friendly Churches Enabler | Shropshire

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Mike Bridgewater

Staffordshire and Stoke Dementia Friendly Churches Enabler | Staffordshire



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Chair: The Rt Revd Sarah Bullock

TCT Chair & Bishop of Shrewsbury

01743 235867 Email
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Vice Chair: Rev Julian Francis - Archdeacon of Walsall

Vice Chair and Archdeacon of Walsall

01543 622590 Email
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Treasurer: Kim Benton

Independent Financial Adviser

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Trustee: Jon Miles

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Trustee: Fiona North

Parish Projects Officer, Lichfield Diocese

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Trustee: David Cope

Chair of Heathfield Park Neighbourhood Plans Forum

Robert H square Dec 2019

Trustee: Robert Higham

Reader in the Parish of Old Hill

Church Urban Fund

Church Urban Fund (CUF) was established by the Church of England as a practical response to unmet need and has been active in local communities for over 30 years. CUFs vision is to see people and communities all over England flourish and enjoy life in all its fullness.

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Together Network

The Together Network is an alliance of 21 charities, known as joint ventures linked by faith and driven by the desire to see communities flourish throughout England.

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to partner with others seeking the common good, working for justice as people of hope, so that communities may flourish and those who are vulnerable, isolated, and disadvantaged might enjoy life in its fullness.